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Victorian Snowflake Ornament

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Victorian Snowflake Ornament Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

Create your own Christmas ornament in minutes with this delicate "Victorian Snowflake" design. Swarovski crystals are showcased on an antique brass backdrop to add both eye-catching sparkle and vintage charm to your Christmas tree. These ornaments also make delightful Christmas gifts!

Step one:
First, affix Swarovski rhinestones to one side of an antique brass snowflake filigree link. Carefully apply a small drop of Gem-Tac permanent adhesive to the center of the link. Use a jewel setter to place a Swarovski ss34 XILION rose flatback in Crystal on the glue. Use this same process to glue five evenly spaced pairs of Swarovski SS9 XILION rose flatbacks in Crystal around the edge of the center star that is displayed within the link. Next, glue four Swarovski SS7 XILION rose flatbacks in Crystal onto each of the five outer spokes of the snowflake. For more help with the precise rhinestone placements, refer to the pictures above or place them in a pattern you like. Repeat this process on two more links and allow 20 minutes to dry. Once the links have dried, flip them over and glue rhinestones to the other side following the same pattern and let dry.

Step two:
Cut a 2-inch piece of 20 gauge non-tarnish brass artistic wire and attach it to the center of one of the spokes on the first snowflake link using a wrapped loop. Thread a 10mm Swarovski faceted Crystal round bead onto the wire and finish with a wrapped loop. This snowflake should now dangle so that two of its spokes point downwards.

Step three:
Make a chain of three 21 gauge 4.5mm antique brass-plated open jump rings between the bottom two spokes of the first snowflake (from step two). Create another chain of three jump rings between two spokes on the second snowflake. Connect the center jump rings from these two chains together. The second snowflake should now dangle so that one of its spokes points downwards.

Step four:
Create a chain of two jump rings and dangle it from the bottom spoke of the second snowflake. Next, create a chain of three jump rings between two spokes on the third snowflake. Connect the center jump ring on the third snowflake to the bottom jump ring dangling from the second snowflake.

Step five:
Thread a 9mm Swarovski teardrop bead in Crystal onto a 23 gauge 1.5-inch antique brass-plated head pin and attach it to the bottom spoke of the third snowflake with a wrapped loop.
Approximate size: 5 ¾ inches
Estimated time: Less than 30 minutes (plus drying time)
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools and Supplies Used:
20 gauge brass non-tarnish artistic wire, 6 yard spool (AWR20BRS6)
Gem-Tac permanent adhesive (GEMTAC)
Jewel setter 2 pack (TOOL-170)
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi flush (TOOL-131)
List of Components:
Antique brass snowflake filigree (BBA-LX50, qty 3)
Swarovski 5000 10mm faceted round Crystal (5000-CRYS10, qty 1)
1.5-inch antique brass-plated 23 gauge head pin (BBA-HP15-24, qty 1)
4.5mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump ring (BBA-OJR04-A, qty 11)
Swarovski 5500 9mm teardrop Crystal (5500-CRYS9X6, qty 1)
Swarovski 2058 SS34 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal (2058-CRY34, qty 6)
Swarovski 2058 SS9 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal (2058-CRY9, qty 60)
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal (2058-CRY7, qty 120)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Kabela Design Antique Brass Snowflake Filigree
Code: BBA-LX50
Length 33.5mm, Width 34mm 
$3.52 $2.81$3.33 $2.66$3.15 $2.52
Swarovski 5000 10mm Faceted Round Crystal
Code: 5000-CRYS10
Diameter 10mm, Hole Size 16 gauge/1.29mm 
$0.59 $0.44$0.57 $0.42$0.55 $0.41
1.5-inch Antique Brass-Plated 23 Gauge Head Pin
Code: BBA-HP15-24
Length 1.5 inches, 23 gauge 
Sale Price: $0.04
Price: $0.05
4.5mm Antique Brass-Plated 21 Gauge Open Jump Ring
Code: BBA-OJR04-A
Diameter 4.5mm, 21gauge 
Sale Price: $0.04
Price: $0.05
Swarovski 5500 9 x 6mm Teardrop Crystal
Code: 5500-CRYS9X6
Length 9mm, Width 6mm, Hole Size .812mm/20 gauge 
$0.66 $0.49$0.62 $0.46$0.58 $0.43
Swarovski 2058 SS7 Xilion Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal
Code: 2058-CRY7
Diameter 2.1-2.3mm, Total Height 1mm 
$0.07 $0.05$0.06 $0.04$0.05 $0.03
Swarovski 2058 SS9 Xilion Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal
Code: 2058-CRY9
Diameter 2.5-2.7mm, Total Height 1mm 
$0.07 $0.05$0.06 $0.04$0.05 $0.03

Alternate Components

Kabela Design Antique Brass Fancy Wings Filigree
Code: BBA-LX38
Length 50.5mm, Width 51mm 
$6.58 $5.46$6.23 $5.17$5.91 $4.90
Swarovski 6704 20mm Snowflake Pendant Crystal
Code: 6704-CRYS20
Length 20mm, Width 17mm, Depth 8.5mm 
$2.07 $1.55$1.95 $1.46$1.84 $1.38

Purchase Tools & Supplies

20 Gauge Brass Non-Tarnish Artistic Wire, 6 Yard Spool
Code: AWR20BRS6
20 gauge, 6 yards 
$2.79 $2.45$2.59 $2.27$2.39 $2.10
Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive 4 fl oz.
4 fl oz 
Sale Price: $11.56
Price: $12.99
The Beadsmith Jewel Setter 2 pack
Code: TOOL-170
Sale Price: $2.20
Price: $2.48
Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $10.05
Price: $11.56

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