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Twisted Rainforest Necklace

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Twisted Rainforest Necklace Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

This amazing necklace has an organic look with the rain-like sparkle of Swarovski crystal. It is the perfect piece for the green princess in us all!

Step one: Cut two 11-inch pieces of brown satin cord. String each one through one side of an 18mm Swarovski crystal twist sew-on stone. On each side, pull the ends even, put a small dab of E6000 adhesive on the doubled ends and cover with a sterling silver 4mm round endcap. Using your nylon jaw pliers, press the endcap flat. Allow the glue to dry before wearing.

Step two: Cut a piece of crystal Fireline to approximately 8 inches. String the other side of your 18mm crystal to one of the green square washers by making two loops of Delica beads between them. Be sure to make the loops large enough that the links can move freely. To secure, pass the thread through the original bead before tying off. Tie the Fireline securely in a knot. Repeat on the other side.

Step three: To link the 28mm Swarovski twist crystal into the center of the design, follow the instructions from step two, but add a third loop of beads. This will call for about two more inches of Fireline.

Step four: Cut two lengths of chain, one five links and one ten links. Attach each to the silver endcaps with oval jump rings. On the end with five links, add a sterling silver balloon clasp to the end of the chain. The longer chain will be your adjustable clasp, hook it to any loop you like to make it the length you desire.
Approximate size: 24 inches
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Less than 2 hours

Tools Used:
Large Loop Scissors (TOOL-123)
Side cutters - semi-flush (TOOL-131)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Nylon jaw pliers (TOOL-105)
GS Hypo fabric cement (GS-HYPO-F)
E6000 glue 1oz tube - Medium/Clear (E6000-01)
#10 Long English Beading Needles 4-Pack (NEED-04)
The BeadSmith Crystal Fireline - 50 yards (4lb test) (FL04CR50)
List of Components:
3221 18mm Swarovski crystal twist sew-on stone (3221-CRY18, qty 2)
3221 28mm Swarovski crystal twist sew-on stone (3221-CRY28, qty 1)
Small glazed moss green washer (CRD-ETC075, qty 2)
Toho bead round 11/0 matte raku green/vine iris (TBRD11-707, qty 1)
8g opaque alabaster light spring green delicas (DB1454, qty 1 pack)
2mm brown satin by the foot (SF-BRN2, qty 2 feet)
Sterling Silver Oval Twisted Link Chain (925CH95, qty 1)
Sterling silver round balloon clasp (SS-CL34, qty 1)
Sterling 4mm round endcap, fine silver plated (SP-ENDCAP40, qty 2)
Sterling silver oval jump ring (SS-OJR-OV6, qty 3)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

TOHO Bead Round 11/0 Matte Raku Green/Vine Iris
Code: TBRD11-707
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
$2.68 $2.26$2.52 $2.13$2.37 $2.00
Miyuki 8g 11/0 Opaque Alabaster Light Spring Green Delicas
Code: DB1454
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
$5.19 $4.56$4.92 $4.32$4.66 $4.09
Sterling Silver Oval Twisted Link Chain by the Foot
Code: 925CH95
Links 9.5x7mm 
$30.96 $26.01$29.51 $24.79$28.13 $23.63
14 x 21mm Sterling Silver Round Balloon Clasp
Code: SS-CL34
Length 21mm, Width 14mm 
$12.46 $10.61$11.83 $10.07$11.23 $9.56
Fine Silver-Plated Sterling Silver 4mm Round End Cap with Loop
Width 4mm 
$1.43 $1.20$1.34 $1.13$1.26 $1.06
Sterling Silver Oval Open Jump Ring 6.4 x 9.6mm, 16 gauge
Code: SS-OJR-OV6
.252x.378 (6.4x9.6mm), 16 gauge 
$1.20 $1.03$1.12 $0.96$1.05 $0.90

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Large Loop Scissors
Code: TOOL-123
Length 4-inches 
Sale Price: $4.84
Price: $5.50
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $10.24
Price: $11.56
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.78
Price: $7.67
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Code: TOOL-105
Sale Price: $16.58
Price: $18.64
The Beadsmith 10 Long English Beading Needles 4-Pack
Code: NEED-04
Length 2 inches, Size 10 
$2.72 $2.39$2.57 $2.26$2.42 $2.12
The Beadsmith Crystal FireLine - 50 Yards (4LB Test)
Code: FL04CR50
Diameter .006 inches, 50 yards 
Sale Price: $8.29
Price: $9.29
GS Hypo Fabric Cement
1/3 fl oz 
Sale Price: $5.29
Price: $5.95
E6000 Glue 1oz Tube - Medium/Clear
Code: E6000-01
Sale Price: $4.04
Price: $4.69

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