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Spring Trend Necklace

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Spring Trend Necklace Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

This gorgeous necklace is lightweight, delicate, bright and spring like. Its draping length allows for women of almost any stature to wear it beautifully!

Step one: Cut a length of chain to approximately 22 inches. Cut that piece of chain into 5 pieces. Two will be 3.5 inches, two should be 4.5 inches, and the remaining one will be 6 inches. On the six-inch length, string a sterling silver heart outline bead frame. Find the center link by holding the two ends together, and using a wrapped loop, add a 5mm smoked topaz Swarovski bicone on a head pin to the center link.

Step two: Make two turquoise and two smoked topaz Swarovski bicone links using sterling silver ½?é?ª inch eye pins. Finish with a simple loop. For detailed instructions on how to make a simple loop, please visit the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center. Attach the lengths of chain to one another using these links. You will need to have one short and one long on each side, but have fun with it and link them differently to break up the pattern. Attach the chain to the bottom loop of a 3-loop slide tube clasp using sterling silver open jump rings.

Step three: Cut a length of 49-strand Beadalon® .015 to approximately 30 inches. Attach one end to the center loop of the clasp with a 2x2mm sterling silver crimp tube. Cover with a crimp cover. This strand will be randomly strung with opaque AB matte light lime Delicas, 3mm sterling silver seamless round beads, 6mm turquoise Swarovski crystal bicones, 6mm smoked topaz Swarovski crystal bicones, and ridged Bali melon beads. String about 27 inches of the strand and attach the end to the center loop of the clasp. Cover your crimp with a crimp cover.

Step four: Cut another length of Beadalon® to approximately 33 inches. This strand will be randomly strung with 4mm turquoise and smoked topaz Swarovski crystal bicones, opaque AB matte light lime Delicas and sterling silver wavy links. String approximately 30 inches and attach the other end to the last loop of the clasp. Cover with a crimp cover.
Approximate size: 33 inches
Approximate cost: $79

Tools Used:
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Bead Stopper (BEADSTPR)
Ergonomic round nose pliers (TOOL-127)
Ergonomic chain nose pliers (TOOL-125)
Ergonomic side cutters- semi flush (TOOL-128)
Beadalon® 49 .015 30ft – bright (B49-30F-015)
List of Components:
5mm Swarovski faceted bicone turquoise (5328-TQ5, qty 12)
6mm Swarovski faceted bicone turquoise (5328-TQ6, qty 11)
5mm Swarovski faceted bicone smoked topaz (5328-TOSMK5, qty 18)
6mm Swarovski faceted bicone smoked topaz (5328-TOSMK6, qty 12)
Sterling silver wavy link (SS-LX04, qty 18)
8g opaque AB matte light lime Delicas (DB0876, qty 1)
3mm sterling silver seamless round beads (SS-RND3, qty 6)
Heart outline bead frame (ISBF-0007, qty 1)
Ridged Bali melon bead (BBZ0056, qty 4)
040 cable chain (925CH8, qty 2ft)
Sterling silver 3-ring tube clasp (SS-TCL03, qty 1)
Sterling silver open jump ring (SS-OJR25-F, qty 2)
Sterling silver 1 ½ inch head pin, 24 gauge (SS-HP4X, qty 1)
Sterling silver ½Â¦ inch eye pin 24 gauge (SS-EP43, qty 4)
Sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 4)
Sterling silver crimp cover (SS-CCOV01, qty 4)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5328 6mm XILION Bicone Turquoise
Code: 5328-TQ6
Length 6mm, Diameter 6mm, Hole Size .812mm/20 gauge 
Sterling Silver Wavy Link
Code: SS-LX04
$0.82 $0.61$0.75 $0.56$0.69 $0.51
Miyuki 8g 11/0 Opaque Matte AB Lt Lime Delicas
Code: DB0876
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
3mm Seamless Sterling Silver Round Bead (1.5mm Hole)
Code: SS-RND3
Length 3mm, Hole 1.5mm 
$0.21 $0.15$0.19 $0.14$0.17 $0.12
Heart Outline Bead Frame
Code: ISBF-0007
Length 18mm, Width 16.5mm 
Bali Silver Ridged Melon Bead
Code: BBZ0056
Length 8mm, Width 7mm 
$3.10 $2.32$2.87 $2.15$2.66 $1.99
040 Cable Chain by the Foot
Code: 925CH8
Link 2x1.5mm, 26 gauge 
$6.08 $4.56$5.65 $4.23$5.26 $3.94
Sterling Silver 3-Ring Tube Clasp
Code: SS-TCL03
Sale Price: $8.70
Price: $11.60
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.025 x .165 inches (0.65 x 4.20mm)
Code: SS-OJR25-F
Diameter 4.2mm, 22 gauge 
$0.16 $0.12$0.14 $0.10$0.13 $0.09
1 1/2-inch Head Pin, 24 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-HP4X
Length 1 1/2 inches, 24 Gauge 
$0.30 $0.22$0.28 $0.21$0.25 $0.18
3/4-inch Eye Pin, 24 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-EP43
Length .75 inches, 24 gauge 
$0.22 $0.16$0.20 $0.15$0.18 $0.13
Sterling Silver 2 x 2mm Crimp Tube
Code: SS-CRM2
Length 2mm, Width 2mm 
$0.15 $0.11$0.14 $0.10$0.13 $0.09
Sterling Silver 3mm Crimp Cover
Code: SS-CCOV01
Length 3mm 
$0.25 $0.18$0.22 $0.16$0.20 $0.15

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Price: $8.24
Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Price: $13.77
Bead Stopper - 6-Piece Pack
Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-127
6 inches 
Price: $7.86
Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-125
6 inches 
Price: $7.86
Ergonomic Side Cutter - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-128
6 inches 
Price: $8.29
Beadalon® 49 .015 30FT - Bright
Code: B49-30F-015
Diameter .015 inches, Length 30 feet 
Price: $17.68

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