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Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017 - Sneak Peek

Swarovski Innovations

The Balance of Nature

This season, Swarovski takes its inspiration from the beauty of nature. The four elements are prominent: earth, air, water and fire all play a part in making these Innovations as fashionable as possible. Everything speaks to nature, from the eye-catching new crystal colors and pearl coatings to the amazing shapes designed after creatures great and small! Explore these Innovations for Spring and Summer 2017 and discover The Balance of Nature within your designs.

New Colors and Coatings

New Color - Graphite

This bluish gray-black tone is at once edgy and tranquil, mysteriously glamorous and calmly classic. This deep, shadowy sparkle is great between Crystal Silver Night and Jet. The versatile dark lead color can be used as a neutral in casual looks or as a strong eye-catcher in evening wear.

New Color - Yellow Opal

This bold new color is inspired by the gemstone citrine. It's a bright and happy opalescent color that is both fiery and elegantly matte. This sunny hue is sure to bring a refined shine to your jewelry designs. It will lend a cool edge to modern casual looks and also works as a bright accessory detail.

New Pearl Coating - Crystal Pearlescent White

This white iridescent frosted mother-of-pearl coating is whimsical and ethereal, evoking thoughts of a mermaid's treasure. It's matte and shiny at the same time, full of purity and calmness. It is a classic pearl color with a contemporary twist.

Ocean Mysteries designed by Celine Cousteau

These components have been designed by Celine Cousteau, marine conservationist and granddaughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, these items showcase the captivating and unaltered beauty of the spellbinding creatures that call the sea home.

Sea Urchin Round Stone

This stone features an irregular star shape reminiscent of the spiky sea urchin. Interplay of matte and shiny surfaces add to the effect. The back of the stone is shaped like a rivoli. Add this bold back-to-nature design to your projects for a powerful ecological statement. It's unusual, elegant and edgy!

Jelly Fish Flatback and Fancy Stone

The jelly fish flatback and fancy stone displays a rounded eight-pointed star shape with a naturalistic appearance, inspired by the circular body of the silent, slow water drifters after which it is named. This stone features a complex multilayer cut and a matte finish with a shimmering graphic surface. The life-like design is sure to stand out.

Radiolarian Pendant

Radiolarians are single-cell organisms with an opalescent exoskeleton that look awe-inspiring through a microscope. With that in mind, this pendant features a carefully perforated surface with a dynamic interplay of shiny and partially frosted facets, highlighting how Mother Nature applies perfectionism to even her tiniest creations. This is a great piece to use as a ready-to-wear pendant tied to leather or silk.

Sea Snail Pendant

Twirled like a classic snail shell, this pendant combines shiny and frosted facets to create a punctuated body full of stunning sparkle. It's sure to evoke memories of summer holidays with seaside walks and beach finds. The elegant yet unconventional appearance will make a splash in your jewelry designs.

Fancy Stones and Pendants

Twister Fancy Stone

Inspired by a windmill, this stone resembles a twirling, four-pointed star. This is a stone that's full of movement thanks to the dynamic shape with streamlined facets and smooth edges. This modern and airy shape virtuously symbolizes wind, rotation and motion.

Raindrop Pendant

This classic, streamlined cut of a raindrop is sleek, modern and full of clarity. The beautifully elongated silhouette boasts slim geometry and a multilayer cut that creates a playful sparkle. The intelligent metal hanging at the top guarantees easy application.

Scarab and Panterh Beads


Scarab Bead

The scarab has long been used as a talisman in many cultures, especially Ancient Egypt. It is a strong symbol of the natural life circle. This scarab bead is made using innovative crystal cutting technology, combined with detailed molding of the head and wings for a stunningly realistic bead. It's great for boho looks and ethnic-inspired designs.

Panther Bead

Artistically designed and cut, this bead takes the shape of a feline predator. The dramatically life-like display is a fantastic highlight for powerful feminine designs. The panther has come to symbolize the night and the dark moon, as well as strength and gracefulness. This bead will bring glamour and edge to your style.


Concise Flatback

The concise flatback is a sleek and streamlined yet smart and highly functional shape. The classic rivoli cut boasts 16 straight facets, but the overall appearance has been flattened. The table size has increased and the weight has been reduced. This makes it lighter and more delicate than other Swarovski flatbacks. It's sure to elevate your style!

Flame Flatback

The flame flatback is full of fire and reflects our search for passion and love. The pear-shaped outline and multilayer cut echoes a real candle flame, reigniting the classic drop shape. This modern interpretation of flame gives a new meaning to the expression "playing with fire."

Contour Flatback

The asymmetrical facets and the subtle footprint shape of the contour flatback reflect our earth and the raw, natural and unspoiled beauty of the planet. It is inspired by natural rock and gives the impression of being a natural discovery that has been molded by the elements. It is an organic and irregular shape full of modern edge.

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