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Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2016 - Sneak Peek

Crystal Lacquer Effects and Crystal Pastel Pearls

The Innovations for Spring/Summer 2016 are all about symbols. These global communicators bring a sense of higher purpose and express our ultimate goals: happiness, strength, hope, prosperity and peace. They are visual representations that have become central themes for people across all cultures. It is only natural to add symbols to our jewelry. From refreshing pastel colors and hearts to iconic spiritual symbols, dramatic metallic effects and more, these Innovations focus on our desire for increased communication and the desire for a better future.


Fatima Hand Fancy Stone

This fancy stone is shaped like the iconic Fatima hand, a palm with a diamond-shaped facet at the center representing an eye. Also known as a hamsa, this symbol is used as a sign of protection in many societies and is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. This symmetrical and simple symbol will add meaning to any design.

Buddha Fancy Stone and Pendant

The Buddha is a spiritual icon revered by many. In jewelry, the Buddha can represent spirituality, Zen style and even the exotic. It is truly a unique choice for designs. The Buddha is available as a fancy stone and a pendant. The fancy stone is shaped like the Buddha sitting in a meditative lotus position. The oval-shaped pendant features a sitting Buddha cut into the crystal.

Greek Cross Fancy Stone, Charm and Pendants

Add an ornate detail to designs with the Greek cross. This four-armed cross is an age-old symbol of faith and spirituality, but is also associated with royalty. It's sure to add a regal touch to your jewelry designs. The elegant shape of the Greek cross will work in many designs. It's available as a fancy stone and a pendant, as well as BeCharmed Pavé charms and pendants.

Clover Fancy Stone

Four leaf clovers are known the world over as a symbol of luck. They are an excellent choice for St. Patrick's Day jewelry or any idea that needs a Celtic theme. The clover fancy stone is a unique focal point for jewelry. Use this fancy stone as a centerpiece in your jewelry to create a symbolic statement of your own.

These delicious pastels are a more contemporary version of the classic take on pastel color. The trendy powder effects offer a softer, subtle elegance with a hint of nostalgia in a modern interpretation. Pastels are often associated with springtime and flowers, signifying growth and renewal. Swarovski offers crystal lacquer effects and crystal pastel pearls to add refreshing style to your designs.

Crystal Lacquer Effects

The crystal lacquer effects are opaque varnishes put on the reverse side of the crystal instead of foiling, resulting in a kind of opalescent look with soft nostalgic shades in a modern interpretation. These effects are available in Crystal Powder Blue, Crystal Powder Green, Crystal Powder Grey, Crystal Powder Rose and Crystal Powder Yellow. These effects are available on crystal in sizes PP21 and above.

Crystal Pastel Pearls

Elegant crystal pearls are now available in pastel colors. These pearls offer a matte and powder display of soft shades perfect for springtime fashion, retro looks and more. These beads are available in Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Grey, Pastel Rose and Pastel Yellow.

New Color and Effects

Blush Rose

Blush Rose is a deep blush color reminiscent of color on the cheeks and delicious rose petals. This warm and luscious tone is feminine and sultry all at once. You'll love the rich, sweet accents it brings to designs. This is a great choice for pairing with dark tones and also adds a touch of drama to lighter color palettes.

Crystal Metallic Sunshine

Luxury comes to life in the new Crystal Metallic Sunshine effect. This bright sunshine gold color is full of modern metallic brilliance for an eye-catching display no one will miss. Its warm glow can be used with rich jewel tones or futuristic metallics. It's a great option for the fabulous sun pendant.

Crystal Light Chrome

Crystal Light Chrome is a brilliant metallic silver effect perfect for pairing with futuristic elements, rich color palettes and more. The contemporary shine of this effect will draw attention to any jewelry design. The versatile silver color is a wonderful option for many styles, especially when you want to add a touch of bling!

New Beads

Emerald Cut Bead

This new bead features the traditional emerald cut used on luxurious gemstones. The beautiful facets that fill the rectangular shape will create an opulent look of regal beauty in your designs. It's a welcome addition to any sophisticated jewelry piece. Use this bead when you want to add brilliant sparkle to your projects.

Love Bead

The heart has always been a popular motif in jewelry. Swarovski offers a new take on this classic symbol with their Love bead. This heart-shaped bead features a stringing hole that runs from the top of the heart to the bottom, so you can dangle it as a small pendant or charm. You can also add it to jewelry strands for unique results. This simple and elegant bead is a great choice for bridal wear, Valentine's Day and other sweet styles.

New Pendants - Half Hole Pendants

These half hole pendants are a stunning option for high-quality designs. The twisted drop pendant features unique faceting and an eclectically elegant feel. These pendants are available with caps or bails that provide a professional finishing touch.

BeCharmed Pave

BeCharmed Pavé

The symbolic value of the BeCharmed Pavé line makes jewelry very personal and unique. The beauty of the BeCharmed beads is that you can pair them with other charms for an effortlessly eclectic style, or use them as a single talisman. Here's what's new for Spring/Summer 2016!

New Star Bead, Heart Bead and LOVE Bead

These new additions put a stylish twist on the traditional BeCharmed Pavé beads. The star bead features star flatbacks surrounded by small chatons. The heart bead offers sweet style for your designs and the LOVE bead is a great way to add a message to your projects. These beads are available in a variety of color palettes.

New BeCharmed Pavé Charms and Pendants: Heart, Star and Greek Cross

New BeCharmed Pavé charms and pendants provide everyday style with a soft, feminine touch. Each charm or pendant hangs from a jump ring and is covered in chatons. They are available in different shapes and color combinations. Find hearts, stars and Greek crosses. These charms and pendants are sure to provide a simple yet elegant look.


The fan has long been a symbol of femininity and style. This demure flatback features long facets that create the perfect look of an unfolded fan. This is a unique element to pair with other flatbacks and you can work it into jewelry designs, bead embroidery, crafts, sewing projects and more.


This crescent moon flatback is an artful and understated decoration that works as a natural cosmic symbol. This ethereal flatback is the perfect choice for a modern goddess! Enchanting, classic and magical, this flatback will nest well with round flatbacks. Showcase this beauty in all kinds of designs.

If you love round rivoli stones, it's time to fall in love with the new rivoli squares! The modern square shape features the traditional triangular rivoli faceting that meets in a point at the center of the stone. This multifunctional crystal offers practicality and vivacity captured in a sophisticated form. It is available as a sew-on stone and a button.


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