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Swarovski Sneak Peek

Swarovski's Innovations for Fall/Winter 2017/18 focus on "The Nature of Us" — what defines us and how we express ourselves. Recently, a sense of inclusivity has become paramount in expression. These Innovations celebrate the movement toward more understanding and acceptance, especially on a global scale. In a world where inclusivity reigns supreme, anything goes! This is apparent with the wide array of new colors, effects, and components on display here.

New Colors and Effects

Rainbow Dark

This effect highlights products that appeal equally to everyone. The unique metallic effect with a dark, oily pattern on top of the crystal creates a multicolor look where the rules are thrown out, stereotypes are defied, and designs speak only of beauty. The pattern is unique on every piece, giving you fluidity and changeability in your designs.

Shiny Lacquer Effects

The new shiny lacquer effects feature a shiny surface and an opaque backside, for a look where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Somewhere between the crystal powder effects and opal colors, the shiny lacquer effect is available in six colors. Ivory Cream, Dark Red, and Dark Grey convey a sense of timelessness in a subtle, reduced color palette speaking of heritage and authenticity. Royal Red, Royal Blue, and Royal Green are classic gem colors that create allure with their timeless versatility.

Pearl Coating: Iridescent Red

Oscillating between red and gray tones, this pearl coating merges seemingly impossible extremes. The iridescent look is created by the smooth blending of dark elephant gray in the center, surrounded by a rich and dark wine red. This cool and edgy pearl coating is both matte and shiny at the same time. The versatile combination of color found in this coating is perfect for creating progressive, rock-chic themes, as well as very elegant designs.

Tribute to Tribe Designed by Celine Cousteau

These components have been designed by Celine Cousteau, marine conservationist and granddaughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. For the last Innovations launch, she brought you the Ocean Mysteries collection, inspired by the depths of the ocean. Now comes the Tribute to Tribe collection, including the oval tribe fancy stone, the rhombus tribe fancy stone, and the cross tribe fancy stone. These fancy stones remind us what it means to be human — to belong to the "human tribe". Her designs for this Innovations launch are inspired by tribal patterns either painted or tattooed on bare skin. They are symbolic of a pristine coexistence with nature, one in which it has always been natural for man to decorate himself.

Tribute to Tribe Designed by Celine Cousteau

Oval Tribe Fancy Stone

Designed by Celine Cousteau, this fancy stone is a beautiful rendition of a tribal-inspired design. It features a multilayered cut, molded parts, and cavities that have been provided with coatings. This unique look merges traditional tribal patterns with modern technology. The combination of a coated, molded rim with precision cut surfaces creates an optical depth, while the classic oval shape enables a wide variety of designs.

Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone

This fancy stone, designed by Celine Cousteau, features a rhombus shape that can be interlocked with various other shapes, offering a wide variety of design possibilities. The multilayered cut, molded parts, and coated cavities create depth and texture in designs. This look is a beautiful marriage of modern technology and tribal-inspired design.

Cross Tribe Pendant

The third and final piece from the Tribute to Tribe collection designed by Celine Cousteau features a subtle cross shape filled with beautiful facets. This cross tribe pendant celebrates a desire for more remote places and an understanding of their cultures. This contemporary appreciation of the remote and unknown results in a pendant with a tribal-inspired design featuring a unique look full of high differentiation potential!

New Products and Line Extensions

Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone

This modern and softly rounded shape marries unconventional edges with streamlined directional faceting. Its versatility ensures that it is able to cater to a variety of style directions. Use it in rock 'n' roll glamour looks, refined and simple styles, cross-cultural mash-ups, or even futuristic design directions. This fancy stone covers it all! The rivoli cut features 16 straight and very precise facets and it's perfect for combining with other pieces in the rivoli assortment.

Kite Fancy Stone

The kite fancy stone appeals to a wide audience thanks to its reduction in shape with no reduction in brilliance! This stone is shaped like a slim kite, a very classic shape in fine jewelry. The brilliant and contemporary cut updates this classic shape, giving you versatile design possibilities. Use this graphic and modern shape to create floral and mosaic designs, or use the bigger sizes as standalone pieces. The reduced height and weight of this stone make it ideal for ring, earring, and textile applications.

Raindrop Flatback

This is the smaller version of the 10mm raindrop flatback. At 6x1.7mm in size, this component brings you an elegant and sophisticated shape in a compact package. This small size offers new design possibilities, especially where space is limited. This is an important addition to the Raindrop assortment, especially for use in nail art. You can also use this small beauty when decorating watches or eyewear.

Triangle Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flatbacks

Mix and match these triangle flatbacks! These flatbacks offer a myriad of design possibilities, particularly when combined together. The classic, geometric shape of the cuts inspires creativity and fantastic design options. You can create innovative mosaic-like combinations of these triangles — you can even bring them together to form a square! The triangle shape is also easy for single use and in combination with existing flatback shapes. With these triangles, individual style has no limits!

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