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Summer Swarovski Necklace

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Perfect for summer, this flashy necklace made primarily of Swarovski bicones and Bali silver is sure to grab attention. For this piece, we will discuss the technique used to assemble this necklace, and we will let your creativity guide you through the rest of this project. To summarize, this necklace is comprised of four dangles that are attached to a closed jump ring and pulled up into a large Bali bicone. The longer necklace strand runs through this jump ring and up to your clasp. We will begin by making the dangles using .014 Soft Flex beading wire. At the bottom of the dangle we have made a triangle of three bead that work as a stopper of sorts. To do this, string three small beads, such as 3mm Swarovski bicones, into the middle of a strand of wire whose length is about 8 inches long. Fold the wire in half, keeping the three beads at the crease, and then string another small bead down the two wires and push it snuggly against the three beads. This will form the triangle bead pattern at the bottom of the dangle. In one of our dangles, we used four beads to make a square instead of a triangle. In between two of these beads we attached a small sun pendant. We then string about 3 1/2 inches of assorted Swarovski and silver beads up the two strands of the dangle. The holes will have to be wide enough to accommodate two strands, and keep in mind that you will be pulling four of these dangles up into the Bali bicone, so it is best to use only small beads for the top half inch or so of each of the dangles. After you have completed four dangles, set them aside. Next we will work on the necklace strand, which uses .019 Soft Flex beading wire. Cut a piece of stringing wire to the desired length (probably no less than about 24 inches). Center a 6mm jump ring onto the wire and fold the wire in two. Take these strands and pull them up through the cone. Our next step will be to attach the dangles to the jump ring, which will be hidden inside of the cone. The reason we did not attach the dangles to the jump ring first is because the dangles will need to be adjusted as the jump ring is pulled up into the top of the cone. Pull the jump ring down a bit, so you have some room to work with. Then, slide a large 3mm crimp tube onto the two strands that are emerging from the top of the dangle. Run the strands through the jump ring and back through the crimp tube. At this point, you should have four strands inside of your crimp tube. Before crimping, check the fit and the look of the dangle by pulling the necklace wire so that the jump ring is tightly inside the cone. When you're satisfied, squeeze the crimp closed. (For added strength, you could use two crimps instead of one.) Attach the three other dangles in the same fashion. Now we can start working on the necklace. Onto the two strands that are emerging from the top of the cone, slide a 3mm sterling silver round bead. Push it tightly against the top of the cone. You now have two strands onto which you will begin stringing your beads. In the example shown, we used summer-color Swarovski bicone beads and a few faceted silver spacer beads. Once you have finished stringing your beads, crimp a clasp of your choosing to complete the closure.
Approximate cost: Under $40 (Does not include stringing material or discontinued items)List of Components:
.014 Soft Flex wire for the dangles (SF14-30CL)
.019 Soft Flex wire for the necklace (SF19-30CL)
Bali cone (NOC0034, qty 1) (This item has been discontinued)
Bali hook clasp (NCL0037, qty 1)
6mm STG closed jump ring (SS-CJR-ME, qty 1)
3x2mm STG crimp tubes for dangles (SS-CRM3, qty 4)
2x2mm STG crimp tubes for necklace clasp (SS-CRM2, qty 2) Other beads used: For dangles:
2mm STG silver round beads (SS-RND2, qty 2)
3mm STG silver round beads (SS-RND3, qty 25)
3mm STG silver faceted beads (STG-SQR3, qty 23)
4mm turquoise Swarovski bicone beads (5301-TQ4, qty 14)
5mm light peach Swarovski bicone (5301-PEALT5, qty 9)
4mm light azure Swarovski bicone (5301-AZLT4, qty 3)
6mm light azure Swarovski bicone (5301-AZLT6, qty 24)
3mm light sapphire Swarovski bicone (5301-SAPLT3, qty 3) For necklace:
3mm STG silver faceted beads (STG-SQR3, qty 14)
4mm turquoise Swarovski bicone beads (5301-TQ4, qty 24)
4mm light peach Swarovski bicone (5301-PEALT4, qty 40)
5mm light azure Swarovski bicone (5301-AZLT5, qty 46)
4mm light azure Swarovski bicone (5301-AZLT4, qty 46)
Bali beads (BBZ0038)
Bali beads (BBZ0055) (This item has been discontinued)

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