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Snowman Ornament

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Snowman Ornament Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

This adorable snowman ornament is sure to become a collectable favorite! Make them for all of your family and friends this holiday season, but be sure to keep one for yourself. For other free holiday ornament design ideas, please click here.

Note: You will have lots of Toho seed beads left over. You can sprinkle them in a small dish and sit your snowman in them on a table or windowsill!

Step one: Use Quick Hold craft glue to affix the 10mm, 20mm and 35mm felt natural felt beads together in the shape of a snowman with the holes in the felt beads running vertically. For the arms, use a sewing needle to knot a piece of thread to the body of the snowman. Run the thread through the pewter bent arm charm, an 8/0 opaque cherry Toho bead, back through the arm and knot it. Run the needle through the felt ball to the other side and repeat for the other arm.

Step two: For the nose, sew an 8/0 silver-lined medium orange Toho bead and an 11/0 matte opaque cantaloupe Toho bead to the face of the snowman.

Step three: Thread a four inch piece of ribbon or fiber from the couture red embellishment fibers mixed card through the pewter love charm. Glue the charm to the front of the snowman and glue the ends of the fiber to the hands of the snowman.

Step four: For the scarf, cut a 1/2-inch strip from the 4x4 inch felt squares. Cut fringe on both ends of the strip. Wrap it around the neck of the snowman and secure with glue.

Step five: For the hat, cut a 1x1 inch felt square into a circle. Use a thread and needle to thread through the center of the felt circle, the stoneware tube bead, the Czech glass small bellflower fuchsia/jonquil bead, an opaque cherry Toho, and back through the bellflower bead, the stoneware bead and the felt circle. Tie a knot to secure. Add some craft glue to the inside of the stoneware bead for security. Use a 10 to 12-inch piece of fiber or ribbon to make a hanger, wrap it around the base of the stoneware bead and knot it. Knot the ends of the ribbon together. Glue the hat to the snowman.
Approximate size: 4 inches
Estimated time: Under an hour
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Quick hold craft 2oz tube (GLUE-002)
#10 short beading needles (NEED-09)
Nymo D large bobbin white (NYD-WHT-L)
Couture red embellishment fibers mixed card (FIBER18)
List of Components:
Czech glass small bellflower fuchsia/jonquil (CR-FL147, qty 1)
10mm felt bead natural (FELT-031, qty 1)
20mm felt bead natural (FELT-049, qty 1)
35mm felt bead natural (FELT-067, qty 1)
4x4 inch felt squares 12 piece multi pack (FELT-075, qty 1)
1x1 inch felt squares 9 piece multi pack (FELT-076, qty 1)
Pewter bent arm charm (PW-CH0256, qty 2)
Pewter love charm (PW-CH0284, qty 1)
Stoneware tube bead - red and yellow stars (SW-BD033, qty 1)
Toho bead round 11/0 matte opaque cantaloupe (TBRD11-42DF, qty 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 silver-lined medium orange (TBRD8-30B, qty 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 opaque cherry (TBRD8-45A, qty 1)

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TOHO Bead Round 11/0 Matte Opaque Cantaloupe
Code: TBRD11-42DF
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TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Silver-Lined Medium Orange
Code: TBRD8-30B
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
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TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Opaque Cherry
Code: TBRD8-45A
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
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The Beadsmith 10 Short Beading Needles 20-Pack
Code: NEED-09
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Quick Hold Craft Glue - 2oz Tube
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Nymo D Large Bobbin White
Size D (250 yards) 
Sale Price: $4.97
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