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Snow Capped Ornament

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Snow Capped Ornament Instructions

Make this frosty, beautiful ornament for your friends and family this year and be the hit of the holiday!

Tip: When working with Tacky Tape, it is best to rest your ornaments in a drinking glass as you work. If you set it down while you work, you are likely to pick up dust and pet hair that you may not want as part of your design!

Step one: Run several pieces of Tacky Tape around the top of your ornament. Only uncover the area you are working on as you go. It is a very sticky tape and will gather everything that comes in contact with it! Cut several feet of Nymo D thread and wax it if you like to work with waxed thread.

Step two: Hold about an inch of the tail of the thread onto the tape to secure the end. Beginning at the top of the ornament, string several opaque white pearl Delicas. Run them in a circle around the top of the ornament. Continue stringing until you have two full circles.

Step three: Reverse direction between bead types and string three rows of 3mm opaque-lustered pearl white bugle beads. Continue to reverse directions as you transition from bead to bead and follow with single rows of the larger beads and double or triple rows of the smaller. We continued stringing until we had beads about an inch and a half from the top of the ornament.

Step four: When you are done stringing beads, simply weave the beads back and forth a few times and tie a knot somewhere in the middle of a row. Pull the knot inside of a bead.

Step five: Finish by winding several strands of the fuzzy fiber from our embellishment card around the bottom of the beads, along the edge of the tape. To make it look more "snowy", you can snip a couple of the threads and pull them loose so that they hand down a bit.

Step six: Finish the ornament by tying several of the fibers through the top of the ornament and attaching a sterling silver and crystal snowflake charm to the top.
Estimated time: Less than 2 hours

Tools Used:
Terrifically Tacky Tape 1/2 Inch (TAPE03)
List of Components:
Toho bead round 8/0 matte opaque white (TBRD8-41F)
Toho bead round 8/0 frosted silver-lined crystal (TBRD8-21F)
Toho bead round 6/0 Ceylon Pearl (TBRD6-141)
Toho bead bugle 3mm opaque-lustered pearl white (TBBG3-121)
8g opaque pearl white Delicas (DB0231)
Sterling silver snowflake charm with AB crystal (CHARM759)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Matte Opaque White
Code: TBRD8-41F
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.28 $1.05$1.20 $0.98$1.13 $0.92
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Frosted Silver-Lined Crystal
Code: TBRD8-21F
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.40 $1.18$1.31 $1.10$1.23 $1.04
TOHO Bead Round 6/0 Ceylon Pearl 8g Bag
Code: TBRD6-141
Size 6/0, 8g bag 
$1.31 $1.11$1.23 $1.05$1.15 $0.98
TOHO Bead Bugle 3mm Opaque White Lustered
Code: TBBG3-121
Volume Approx. 8 grams 
$1.32 $1.14$1.23 $1.06$1.16 $1.00
Miyuki 8g 11/0 Opaque Pearl White Pearl Delicas
Code: DB0231
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
$3.92 $3.48$3.70 $3.29$3.50 $3.11

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Terrifically Tacky Tape 1/2 Inch
Code: TAPE03
Width 1/2 inches, Length 5 yards 

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