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Hotfix Rhinestone Pocket Jeans

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Hotfix Rhinestone Pocket Jeans Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

What girl doesn't want a little sparkle in her world? With the addition of the Swarovski Hotfix flatback rhinestones and the Bejeweler Stone Styler , we have made it easy to embellish all of your favorite clothing, bags, and even shoes, to your heart's content! This example is made on a child's jeans, however we DO NOT recommend that young children use the Bejeweler, as it can get extremely hot. For extra tips on how to best handle the Bejeweler, please visit the Handy Tip section of the Learning Center.

Step one: Plug in your Bejeweler Stone Styler and allow it to heat up for at least 7 minutes. DO NOT touch the tip to see if it is hot. Trust us, it is! Lay your clean, wrinkle free, jeans on a flat firm surface. For best results, draw your pattern ahead of time using a quilting pen or other disappearing ink.

Step two: Begin at the center of the starburst with a hexagon flower of six size SS16 Crystal Hotfix rhinestones. In an outer circle add six more of the same stones. They should line up between the others and slightly outside of them. Between the stones in the outer circle, add six SS8 padparadscha rhinestones.

Step three: As you like, add size SS10 crystal rhinestones in curving lines that lead out from the center flower. Between those lines, create others using the SS8 crystal. Our designer began with even lines, but as she continued she filled in extra lines as she pleased. It is hard to make a mistake when you are dealing with sparkles, so let go of that inner critic and have fun! You will know when the pattern is complete! Once you get the hang of using the Bejeweler, you will find it quite quick and easy. However, when getting started, there are some typical snags that people can run into. Save yourself some time and hassle, by reading a bit first and being prepared for a few snags. Then have fun!
Estimated Time: Less than 1 1/2 hours
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Bejeweler Pro Ergonomic (BEJEWELER-P)
List of Components:
Hotfix flatback SS8 padparadscha (H2028-PAD8, qty 6)
Hotfix flatback SS8 crystal (H2038-CRY8, qty 35)
Hotfix flatback SS10 crystal (H2038-CRY10, qty 68)
Hotfix flatback SS16 crystal (H2038-CRY16, qty 12)

Alternate Components:
Swarovski H2028 SS10 XILION Rose Flatback Crystal Astral Pink (H2028-API10)
Swarovski H2028 SS12 Hotfix XILION Rose Sunflower (H2028-SUF12)
Swarovski H2028 SS12 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Cobalt (H2028-COB12)
Swarovski H2028 SS10 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Amethyst (H2028-AMY10)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski H2038 SS8 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Crystal
Code: H2038-CRY8
Diameter 2.3-2.5mm, Total Height 1mm 
Swarovski H2038 SS10 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Crystal
Code: H2038-CRY10
Diameter 2.7-2.9mm, Total Height 1.25mm 
Swarovski H2038 SS16 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Crystal
Code: H2038-CRY16
Diameter 3.8-4mm, Total Height 1.5mm 
Sale Price: $0.08
Price: $0.12

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BeJeweler® Stone Styler™
Sale Price: $11.97
Price: $14.97

NOTE:This idea uses Swarovski crystal componentswhich currently do not meet the requirements as set out in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

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