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Red Dream Necklace

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Red Dream Necklace Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

This red necklace is a beader's dream, filled with rich warm tones and sparkling accents. Its crowning glory is an ornate Murano glass chevron blown bead. Make it for yourself or for a friend who will appreciate the quality of the beads in this design.

Step one: Create your pendant. On the antique copper-plated pewter 1.75-inch bead bar, string the antique copper-plated pewter 10mm joy large hole bead, the Murano glass 20mm maroon and orange chevron blown round and the antique copper-plated pewter 8mm large hole beaded cap. Attach an 8mm antique copper-plated open jump ring to the bar.

Step two: Cut a length of ZambaPro™ 49 .019 jewelry wire to approximately 20.5 inches.
Use a 2x2mm copper antiqued crimp tube to crimp the jewelry wire to a 6mm antique copper-plated open jump ring. For detailed instructions on how to use a crimp tube, please visit the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center. Use the jump ring to connect the wire to the bar of your 12mm antique copper-plated curled toggle clasp.

Step three: String ten 1.5mm gold-lustered African sunset Toho cube beads, one Swarovski 5000 4mm faceted light Siam round, ten Toho cube beads and one round 8/0 silver-lined ruby Toho bead. Repeat this pattern two more times.

Step four: Add one antique copper-plated pewter 5mm beaded spacer, one Swarovski 5000 6mm faceted dark red coral round, one Swarovski 5601 6mm light Colorado topaz AB crystal cube, one dark red coral round, one 5mm spacer and one ruby Toho bead.

Step five: String ten Toho cube beads, one light Siam round, one joy large hole bead, one light Siam round, ten Toho cube beads and one ruby Toho bead. Repeat step four.

Step six: String ten Toho cube beads. Take the pendant you made in step two and slide it over the beads you just strung. The ten Toho beads and the pendant are the middle of the necklace. Use the first half of the necklace to create a mirror image on the second half. You will start with a ruby Toho bead and end with ten Toho cube beads.

Step seven: Finish by attaching the other end of the wire to the loop end of your toggle with a 6mm jump ring and a crimp tube. Trim off the excess wire.
Approximate size: 18½ inches
Estimated time:½ hour
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Bead crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
List of Components:
Murano glass 20mm maroon/orange chevron blown round (MRG-105, qty1)
Antique copper plated pewter 1.75 inch bead bar (CA-2261, qty 1)
Antique copper plated pewter 10mm joy large hole bead (CA-5717, qty 3)
Antique copper plated pewter 8mm large hole beaded cap (CA-5694, qty 1)
Antique copper plated pewter 5mm beaded spacer (CA-5582, qty 8)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5000 6mm faceted round dark red coral (5000-DRC6, qty 8)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5601 6mm crystal cube light Colorado topaz AB (5601-LCTAB6, qty 4)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5000 4mm faceted round light Siam (5000-SIALT4, qty 10)
12mm antique copper-plated curled toggle clasp (BCA-TOG02, qty 1)
Toho bead cube 1.5mm gold-lustered African sunset (TBCB1-329, qty 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 silver-lined ruby (TBRD8-25C, qty 1)
6mm antique copper-plated open jump ring (BCA-OJR06, qty 2)
8mm antique copper-plated open jump ring (BCA-OJR08, qty 1)
2x2mm copper antiqued crimp (C-0030, qty 2)
ZambaPro™ 49 .019 30ft jewelry wire (ZP49-30F-019, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

TierraCast Antique Copper-Plated Pewter 8mm Large Hole Beaded Cap
Code: CA-5694
Length 3.5mm, Width 8mm 
$0.77 $0.56$0.73 $0.53$0.68 $0.50
Swarovski 5000 4mm Faceted Round Light Siam
Code: 5000-SIALT4
Diameter 4mm, Hole Size 20 gauge/.812mm 
$0.34 $0.29$0.32 $0.27$0.30 $0.25
TOHO Bead Cube 1.5mm Gold-Lustered African Sunset
Code: TBCB1-329
Length 1.5mm, 8g bag 
$3.61 $2.96$3.41 $2.80$3.21 $2.63
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Silver-Lined Ruby
Code: TBRD8-25C
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.38 $0.90$1.29 $0.84$1.21 $0.79
6mm Antique Copper-Plated Open Jump Ring
Code: BCA-OJR06
Length 6mm, Width 6mm, 18 gauge 
Sale Price: $0.04
Price: $0.05
8mm Antique Copper-Plated Open Jump Ring
Code: BCA-OJR08
Length 8mm, Width 8mm, 18 gauge 
$0.06 $0.04$0.05 $0.04$0.04 $0.03
TierraCast Antique Copper 2 x 2mm Crimp
Code: C-0030
$0.09 $0.07$0.08 $0.07$0.07 $0.06

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Artbeads Designer Jewelry Wire, 49-Strand .019 30-Feet (9.1 Meters)
Code: ZP49-30F-019
Diameter .019 inches, Length 30 feet 
Sale Price: $11.55
Price: $12.99
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.69
Price: $7.67
Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Sale Price: $11.50
Price: $13.99
Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Sale Price: $7.52
Price: $8.63

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