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Patriotic Charm Bracelet

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Patriotic Charm Bracelet Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

Show your American pride with this three strand patriotic charm bracelet.

Step one: Attach the charms to the three hole spacer bars using sterling silver open jump rings. Attach the larger rings to the bottom loop of the spacer bars, then attach the smaller jump rings to the charms and onto the bigger jump rings to they dangle slightly away from the bracelet.

Step two: Cut three lengths of ZambaPro™ 49 .019 jewelry wire to approximately 11 inches each. Put one end of all three strands into a Bead Stopper to hold them while you work. Space them evenly so the beads have room to move down the strands.

Step three: The pattern for your bracelet is the same for all three strands, the only difference is that you will use sapphire Swarovski faceted rounds on the bottom strand, crystal in the middle and light Siam on the top. The pattern is two 3mm stardust rounds, three 4mm Swarovski faceted rounds and a 4mm bright daisy spacer. Repeat this pattern three times, go through one spacer bar, repeat the pattern four times, add another spacer bar, and then repeat the pattern three more times before adding two more stardust rounds. As you complete each strand, add a Bead Stopper to the other end of the wire to make sure the beads are held in place while you work on the other strands.

Step four: When all three strands are completed, crimp the three strands together on one end using a 1x2mm sterling silver crimp tube. Trim the excess wire from two of the strands. The remaining wire will be used to attach to the toggle clasp. String a 3mm stardust bead followed by a 1x2mm crimp tube and attach it to the loop end of the toggle clasp. Repeat this step on the other side, but attach the wire to a jump ring before attaching it to the bar of the clasp. This will make the clasp easier to close and help the bracelet to lay smoother.
Approximate size:

Tools Used:
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Bead Stopper (BEADSTPR)
ZambaPro™ 49 .019 30ft jewelry wire (ZP49-30F-019)
List of Components:
Swarovski 4mm faceted round sapphire (5301-SAP4, qty 30)
Swarovski 4mm faceted round crystal (5301-CRYS4, qty 30)
Swarovski 4mm faceted round light Siam (5301-SIALT4, qty 30)
Sterling silver 3mm stardust bead (SS-RND3-SD, qty 13)
Sterling silver USA charm (CHARM15, qty 1)
Sterling silver Flag heart charm (CHARM212, qty 1)
Silver-plated spacer bar (SPACER-3S, qty 2)
Sterling silver 4mm bright daisy spacer (DSY4-BRITE, qty 33)
Sterling silver 6.85mm open jump ring (SS-OJR30-H, qty 2)
Sterling silver 5.35mm open jump ring (SS-OJR30-F, qty 2)
Sterling silver 3.05mm open jump ring (SS-OJR30-A, qty 1)
Sterling silver 1x2mm crimp tube (SS-CRM1, qty 4)
Sterling silver star toggle clasp (ISCL-0012, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5000 4mm Faceted Round Sapphire
Code: 5000-SAP4
Diameter 4mm, Hole Size 20 gauge/.812mm 
$0.34 $0.30$0.32 $0.28$0.30 $0.26
Swarovski 5000 4mm Faceted Round Crystal
Code: 5000-CRYS4
Diameter 4mm, Hole Size 20 gauge/.812mm 
$0.23 $0.20$0.21 $0.18$0.19 $0.16
Swarovski 5000 4mm Faceted Round Light Siam
Code: 5000-SIALT4
Diameter 4mm, Hole Size 20 gauge/.812mm 
$0.34 $0.30$0.32 $0.28$0.30 $0.26
3mm Sterling Silver Round Stardust Bead with 1.2mm Hole
Code: SS-RND3-SD
Length 3mm 
$0.38 $0.33$0.35 $0.31$0.33 $0.29
Sterling Silver USA Charm
Code: CHARM15
Height 13mm, Width 17.5mm 
$7.76 $6.34$7.35 $6.00$6.97 $5.69
Sterling Silver USA Flag Heart Charm
Code: CHARM212
Height 15mm, Width 14.5mm 
$10.02 $8.46$9.51 $8.03$9.03 $7.63
4mm Sterling Silver Daisy Spacer - Bright
Sale Price: $0.25
Price: $0.29
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.030 x .270 inches (0.75 x 6.85mm)
Code: SS-OJR30-H
Diameter 6.8mm, 21 gauge 
$0.38 $0.32$0.36 $0.31$0.33 $0.28
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.030 x .210 inches (0.75 x 5.35mm)
Code: SS-OJR30-F
Diameter 5.3mm, 21 gauge 
$0.30 $0.26$0.28 $0.24$0.26 $0.23
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.030 x .120 inches (0.75 x 3.05mm)
Code: SS-OJR30-A
Diameter 3mm, 21 gauge 
$0.17 $0.15$0.15 $0.13$0.14 $0.12
Crimp Tube, 1 x 2mm Sterling Silver
Code: SS-CRM1
Length 1mm, Width 2mm 
$0.10 $0.08$0.09 $0.07$0.08 $0.07

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Sale Price: $7.64
Price: $8.63
Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Sale Price: $12.34
Price: $13.99
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.78
Price: $7.67
Bead Stopper - 6-Piece Pack
$4.46 $3.88$4.22 $3.67$3.99 $3.47
Artbeads Designer Jewelry Wire, 49-Strand .019 30-Feet (9.1 Meters)
Code: ZP49-30F-019
Diameter .019 inches, Length 30 feet 
Sale Price: $11.60
Price: $12.99

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