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Fascinating Fascinator

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Fascinating Fascinator Instructions
Designed by Artbeads

You'll be the life of the party for cocktail hour with this fun and flirty head piece! For a new approach to socialite style, complete with sparkling Swarovski crystals, give this simple idea a try.

You will need a black headband, approximately 3 feet of black tulle material and four feathers of your choice. We used peacock feathers. Feathers can be found at craft stores, sporting goods stores and other various locations.

Step one:
Using Gem-Tac, glue the Cobalt Swarovski XILION rose flatbacks to the openings on the long wings of the Kabela antique brass German columbine butterfly link and one in the center. Glue the Fern Green Swarovski XILION rose flatbacks to the remaining openings on the butterfly link. Allow to dry.

Step two:
Cut the feathers to simulate the shape of a butterfly, with two large feathers on top and two smaller pieces on the bottom. Cut a small circle of cardstock to serve as a base for your feathers and glue them together using Gem-Tac. Glue the butterfly link in the center of the feather shape using E-6000. Allow to dry.

Step three:
Turn on the Bejeweler Pro Ergonomic tool and let it warm up before use. Affix one Swarovski hotfix XILION rose enhanced flatback in Jet to the underside of the tulle and another hotfix on the top side, laying the two back to back. We found it easier to work on top of a pot holder to keep the two flatbacks from slipping. Repeat this in a random fashion for the rest of the tulle. Read our Handy Tip if you need help using the Bejeweler.

Step four:
Thread one #11 short beading needle with approximately six feet of smoke gray Fireline. Sew the tulle to the headband, leaving a 4-inch long veil to hang over one side. Do this by wrapping the tulle a couple of times around the headband and then stitching to its underside. Trim any excess thread.

Step five:
Sew the brass snowflake link to one side of the headband with another needle and thread. Attach the feathers to the headband by applying E-6000 to the underside of the cardstock circle and pressing firmly onto the brass snowflake link.
Estimated time: 2 hours (plus dry time)
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools and Supplies Used:
BeJeweler Pro Ergonomic (BEJEWELER-P)
Jewel Setter 2 pack (TOOL-170)
Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive (GEMTAC)
Knotting Tweezers (TOOL-112)
The BeadSmith #11 Short Beading Needles 12-Pack (NEED-10)
The BeadSmith Smoke Gray Fireline - 50 Yards (6LB Test) (FL06SG50)
List of Components:
Kabela Antique Brass German Columbine Butterfly Link (FIND-0053, qty 1)
21mm Brass Snowflake Link (FIND-0020, qty 1)
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Flatback Cobalt (2058-COB7, qty 14)
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Flatback Fern Green (2058-FGN7, qty 5)
Swarovski H2038 SS16 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Jet (H2038-JET16, qty 50)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Cobalt
Code: 2058-COB7
Diameter 2.1-2.3mm, Total Height 1mm 
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Fern Green
Code: 2058-FGN7
Diameter 2.1-2.3mm, Total Height 1mm 

Alternate Components

Kabela Design Antique Brass 2 Layer Filigree Flower with Center Crystal Link
Code: BBA-LX76
Length 23mm, Width 23mm 
Kabela Design Antique Brass German Flatterhaft Butterfly Link
Code: FIND-0050
Length 26mm, Width 41mm, Depth 2.5mm 
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Blue Zircon
Code: 2058-BLZ7
Diameter 2.1-2.3mm, Total Height 1mm 
Swarovski 2058 SS7 XILION Rose Enhanced Flatback Crystal Meridian Blue
Code: 2058-CMB7
Diameter 2.1-2.3mm, Total Height 1mm 

Purchase Tools & Supplies

BeJeweler® Pro Ergonomic
Price: $28.95
The Beadsmith Jewel Setter 2 pack
Code: TOOL-170
Price: $2.48
Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive 4 fl oz.
4 fl oz 
Price: $12.99
Knotting Tweezers
Code: TOOL-112
4.5 Inches 
Price: $4.39
The BeadSmith 11 Short Beading Needles 12-Pack
Code: NEED-10
Length 1 inch, Size 11 
The BeadSmith Smoke Gray FireLine - 50 Yards (6LB Test)
Code: FL06SG50
Diameter .008 inches, 50 yards 
Price: $9.29

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