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Lisa's Gift Necklace

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Lisa's Gift Necklace Instructions
Designed by Artbeads

Carrie presented her bridesmaids with a choice of two sets of bridesmaid's jewelry each! Each one was unique and made to complement their personality. After much deliberation, they each chose the styles they liked best, thinking those were the items they got to keep. They were right, but Carrie also surprised them with a thank you gift of the second set of jewelry on her wedding day! Be sure to check out Lisa's matching bracelet and earrings.

Step one: Cut a three inch piece of sterling silver 22-gauge half hard wire. For the bail that will slip onto beaded necklace make a wrapped loop with two wraps. Trim the tail. Leave enough room for three more wraps. For the beaded loop on the blue floral shell oval pendant, bend the wire 45-degrees and form another loop, this time forming it around a writing pen or anything else that is approximately ½-inch in diameter. String five Swarovski 3mm Capri blue faceted round crystals, the shell pendant and five more crystals. Finish by wrapping to meet the previous wraps. For help making wrapped loops please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Set aside.

Step two: On an eighteen- inch piece of ZambaPro™ 49 .019 jewelry wire string a sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tube and crimp to the loop end of the sterling filigree flower toggle clasp. Trim the excess wire. For help using crimp tubes please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center.

Step three: On the jewelry wire string a Swarovski 3mm Capri blue round crystal. Add a 10mm Swarovski brown pearl and a Swarovski 8mm mocca roundelle, repeat once. Add a 10mm pearl, Capri blue crystal, a Swarovski 10mm light Colorado topaz round crystal, a sterling silver round bead with wire rings and granulations, a Swarovski 12mm crystal ab round crystal, Capri blue crystal, a 12mm Swarovski brown pearl, Capri blue crystal, a Swarovski 10mm mocca round crystal, silver bead. Add a 12mm brown pearl and a round mocca crystal, repeat once. Add a 1mm brown pearl, Capri crystal, mocca roundelle, Capri blue crystal and the pendant from step 1. Reverse the steps to complete the pattern for the other side of the necklace.

Step four: Add a silver crimp tube and crimp to the bar end of the toggle clasp.
Approximate size: 15 ½ inches
Estimated time: Under an hour
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Tools Used:
Bead crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi-flush (TOOL-131)
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
ZambaPro™ 49 .019 30ft jewelry wire (ZP49-30F-019)
List of Components:
Swarovski 5000 3mm faceted round Capri blue (5000-BLU3, qty 22)
Swarovski 5000 12mm faceted round crystal ab (5000-CRYSAB12, qty 2)
Swarovski 5000 10mm faceted round light Colorado topaz (5000-LCT10, qty 2)
Swarovski 5000 10mm faceted round mocca (5000-MOC10, qty 6)
Swarovski 5040 8mm faceted roundelle mocca (5040-MOC8, qty 6)
5810 10mm Swarovski pearl brown (5810-BROWN10, qty 6)
5810 12mm Swarovski pearl brown (5810-BROWN12, qty 8)
Sterling silver round bead with wire rings and granulations (BBZ0069, qty 4)
Sterling filigree flower toggle (ISCL-0121, qty 1)
Tab shell oval pendant 45x30mm - blue floral (SHL-LP121, qty 1)
Sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 2)
Sterling silver wire round 22 gauge half hard - approx.1 troy oz (30ft) (SSWR22HH1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5000 12mm Faceted Round Crystal AB
Code: 5000-CRYSAB12
Diameter 12mm, Hole Size 16 gauge/1.29mm 
$1.81 $1.35$1.71 $1.28$1.61 $1.20
Swarovski 5040 8mm Briolette Bead Mocca
Code: 5040-MOC8
Length 5.5mm, Diameter 8mm, Hole Size 1.02mm/18 gauge 
$0.82 $0.61$0.77 $0.57$0.72 $0.54
Swarovski 5810 10mm Round Crystal Pearl Brown
Code: 5810-BROWN10
Length 10mm, Width 10mm 
Price: $0.41
Swarovski 5810 12mm Round Crystal Pearl Brown
Code: 5810-BROWN12
Length 12mm, Width 12mm 
$0.76 $0.57$0.71 $0.53$0.67 $0.50
Bali Silver Round Bead with Wire Rings and Granulations
Code: BBZ0069
Length 12.5mm, Width 10.5mm 
$9.69 $6.87$9.20 $6.53$8.74 $6.20
JBB Sterling Filigree Flower Toggle Clasp
Code: ISCL-0121
Loop 25.5x22.5mm, Bar 29mm 
$9.64 $7.03$9.15 $6.67$8.69 $6.34
Sterling Silver 2 x 2mm Crimp Tube
Code: SS-CRM2
Length 2mm, Width 2mm 
$0.16 $0.14$0.15 $0.13$0.14 $0.12

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Sale Price: $12.03
Price: $13.99
Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Sale Price: $7.50
Price: $8.63
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $10.05
Price: $11.56
Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Sterling Silver Wire Round 22 Gauge HALF HARD - Approx. 1 troy oz (30ft)
Code: SSWR22HH1
22 Gauge, 30 Feet (Approx) 
Sale Price: $37.79
Price: $41.99
Artbeads Designer Jewelry Wire, 49-Strand .019 30-Feet (9.1 Meters)
Code: ZP49-30F-019
Diameter .019 inches, Length 30 feet 
Sale Price: $11.56
Price: $12.99

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