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Lisa's Bridesmaid Bracelet

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Lisa's Bridesmaid Bracelet Instructions
Designed by Artbeads

Carrie presented her bridesmaids with a choice of two sets of bridesmaid's jewelry each! Each one was unique and made to complement their personality. The girls made their choices, and here is what Lisa picked! Don't forget to check out the matching earrings and necklace.

Note: Adjust the length of the chain and bead strand to fit.

Step one: On a 1 1/4-inch ball head pin string a Swarovski 4mm faceted aqua bicone and the Bali sterling silver bicone bead. Finish with a wrapped loop. For help making Wrapped Loops please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Attach the wrapped loop to the 4.30mm sterling silver open jump ring. Set aside.

Step two: Cut two 6 ½ inch sections of silver-plated 3 strand + 3 link chain. Use two 5.35mm sterling silver open jump rings to connect the two sections of chain together at each end.

Step three: On a 9-inch piece of ZambaPro™ 49 .012 jewelry wire string a sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tube and crimp to one of the jump rings on the chain from step one. String in a random order to approximately 6 ½ inches the following; the multi colored head drilled pearls, the12mm Swarovski light blue pearl, the Swarovski 10mm faceted light sapphire round, the Swarovski 10mm faceted light colorado topaz round and the silver antique Turkish spacers. Crimp the remaining jewelry wire to the jump ring on the other end of the chain.

Step four: Attach one of the jump rings to the loop end of the Hill Tribe silver diamond hammered toggle and the other jump ring to the bar end of the toggle.

Step five: Attach the silver and crystal dangle from step one to the loop end of the toggle.
Approximate size: 7 ½ inches
Estimated time: Under an hour
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi-flush (TOOL-131)
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Bead crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
ZambaPro™ 49 .012 30ft jewelry wire (ZP49-30F-012)
List of Components:
Silver-plated 3 strand + 3 link chain (SPCH21, qty 2)
1¼-inch ball head pin .020 dia. (sterling silver) (SS-BHP07, qty 1)
Bali silver bicone bead with wire work (BBZ0070, qty 1)
Hill Tribe silver diamond hammered toggle (HTS253, qty 1)
Swarovski 5301 4mm faceted bicone aqua (5301-AQUA4, qty 1)
Multi size and color head drilled pearls (P-MMIX1, qty 1)
5810 12mm Swarovski pearl light blue (5810-BLULT12, qty 1)
Swarovski 5000 10mm faceted round light sapphire (5000-SAPLT10, qty 1)
Swarovski 5000 10mm faceted round light colorado topaz (5000-LCT10, qty 1)
Silver antique Turkish spacer (SA-5580, qty 2)
Sterling silver open jump ring (0.75 x 4.30mm) (SS-OJR30-D, qty 1)
Sterling silver open jump ring (0.75 x 5.35mm) (SS-OJR30-F, qty 2)
Sterling silver 2 x 2mm crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 2)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Silver-Plated 3 Strand + 3 Link Chain by the Foot
Code: SPCH21
Links 9x6mm, 5x4mm, 4x2mm, 2.5x2mm 
$4.80 $3.40$4.54 $3.22$4.29 $3.04
Sterling Silver 1.25-inch Ball-end Head Pin, 24 gauge
Code: SS-BHP07
Length 1 1/4 inches, 24 gauge 
$0.48 $0.37$0.45 $0.35$0.42 $0.32
Bali Silver Bicone Bead with Wire Work
Code: BBZ0070
Length 9mm, Width 8.5mm 
$7.11 $5.26$6.74 $4.98$6.38 $4.72
Hill Tribe Silver Diamond Hammered Toggle Clasp
Code: HTS253
Loop 20x15mm, Bar 21mm 
Sale Price: $6.21
Price: $8.76
Swarovski 5810 12mm Round Crystal Pearl Light Blue
Code: 5810-BLULT12
Length 12mm, Width 12mm 
$0.76 $0.57$0.71 $0.53$0.67 $0.50
TierraCast Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Turkish Spacer Bead
Code: SA-5580
Length 4mm, Width 7mm 
$0.77 $0.64$0.73 $0.61$0.68 $0.57
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.030 x .170 inches (0.75 x 4.30mm)
Code: SS-OJR30-D
Diameter 4.3mm, 21 gauge 
$0.24 $0.21$0.22 $0.19$0.20 $0.17
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.030 x .210 inches (0.75 x 5.35mm)
Code: SS-OJR30-F
Diameter 5.3mm, 21 gauge 
$0.30 $0.26$0.28 $0.24$0.26 $0.22
Sterling Silver 2 x 2mm Crimp Tube
Code: SS-CRM2
Length 2mm, Width 2mm 
$0.16 $0.14$0.15 $0.13$0.14 $0.12

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $10.05
Price: $11.56
Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Sale Price: $7.50
Price: $8.63
Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Sale Price: $12.03
Price: $13.99
Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Artbeads Designer Jewelry Wire, 49-Strand .012 30-Feet (9.1 Meters)
Code: ZP49-30F-012
Diameter .012 inches, Length 30 feet 
Sale Price: $16.90
Price: $18.99

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