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How to Make Leslie Rogalski's Beaded Beads

How to Make Leslie Rogalski's Beaded Beads
Leslie Rogalski taught us how to make this beaded bead on an episode of Artbeads Cafe and we're here to show you how to create the same bead! Follow these steps to learn how to make a bead using a tubular peyote stitch featuring Magatama beads, Baroque beads and 11/0 seed beads.
Cut 54 inches of thread and add your needle to the thread. When stringing on the Magatamas, you need to keep in mind how you pick up the beads. This picture shows how the Magatama bead lays in different ways. The way you add them to your thread will make a difference in how they lay in your project, so make sure you string them on in the same way each time.Thread on a Magatama, followed by a Baroque bead. Repeat four times and make sure the Magatamas all point in the same direction.Leave a tail on your thread and make a knot with both ends of your threads to create a circle with your beads. Make sure the circle keeps the beads close together and that the knot is tight.
Hold the circle so that the knot you just created is to the right of a Baroque bead. Then, go through that first Baroque bead with your needle.Thread on a Magatama and go through the first Magatama in the circle after the Baroque bead.Make sure your thread has good tension so that the beads lay side by side.
Go through the second Baroque bead in the circle.Thread on another Magatama and go through the second Magatama in the circle, as you did before.Repeat this process until you reach the first Baroque bead by the knot. Your thread should come out of the last Magatama in the circle.
Add a Baroque bead to your thread and go through the first Magatama after the Baroque. Skip the second Magatama next to it and manipulate it so that it lies perpendicular to the first Magatama. Add another Baroque bead to the thread and go through the first Magatama next to the Baroque. Repeat these steps until you have gone all the way around the circle. You will go from Magatama to Magatama, so you should end the circle with your thread coming out of a Magatama.Now you will add Magatamas again. Since this is a tubular peyote stitch, you have to step up to do this. So, go through the Baroque next to your last bead. You can slip the circle over a rolled up tube of paper to more easily see how the beads are sitting together.Now you are ready to add a Magatama. This time your needle will go from Baroque to Baroque. Thread on the Magatama and go through the Baroque bead. Repeat this step until you complete the circle.
Now we will add another row of Baroque beads. Go through the next Magatama to "step up" and prepare for adding another row of Baroques.Add a Baroque to your thread and go through the next Magatama. This time, your needle will go from Magatama to Magatama, as you did in Step 10.Repeat the steps of creating rows of Magatamas and Baroques until you have the desired length. You should end with a Magatama row. Weave your thread into the beads and make a knot. You can finish your bead here or embellish it further using the following steps.
To embellish the bead, you will need to reposition your thread. Go through a Baroque and a Magatama in the second row from the end.Thread on three 11/0 seed beads and go through the Magatama in the second row in the next column over.Make sure to tighten the row of seed beads so that they lay nicely between the Baroques. Repeat to complete a circle of seed beads around the Baroques.
Once you complete the circle, your thread should be coming out of a Magatama. Reposition your thread by bringing it through the Baroque in the second row up.Go through the Magatama in the third row to the left of the Baroque bead. Now you are ready to add some more seed beads.Repeat these steps to complete the embellishment.

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