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Imagine That Bead Pen

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Imagine That Bead Pen Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

We made this fun embellished bead pen for a teacher's gift, but who wouldn't want such a unique and beautiful gift? Make them for stocking stuffers or kids' birthday parties! We chose one 20mm felt bead and four 10mm felt beads for this project, but you can change up the sizes. Three 20mm beads or two 20mm and two 10mm beads or five 10mm beads would work as well. And go crazy with color, the possibilities are endless. Note: We found it easier to embellish the felt beads while they are on the mandrel. It you embellish them off the mandrel, take care to keep the threads from running through the holes of the felt beads as they may break when you reassemble them. We did not embellish the felt beads closest to the writing end of the pen; we thought it may be uncomfortable since this is where the pen rests as you write.

Step one: Attach the mandrel to the writing tip of the bead pen. For help assembling the bead pen please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center.

Step two: Thread the felt beads onto the mandrel. Note where you would like to place the sterling silver domed message pendant inspire and mark with a pencil. Remove the beads from the mandrel and sew the pendant onto the felt bead with a size 11 needle and the Nymo D turquoise thread. Replace the felt beads and screw on the cap.

Step three: Mix and match the following beads to embellish the felt beads. Round 11/0 white lined peridot lustered Toho beads, round 11/0 silver-lined teal Toho beads, round 8/0 yellow lined aqua Toho beads and round 8/0 silver-lined smokey topaz Toho beads. With the needle and thread stitch the beads onto the felt beads
Estimated time: Under 2 hours
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Nymo D bobbin turquoise (NYD-TQ)
#11 short beading needles 12-pack (NEED-10)
List of Components:
Bead pen - pearl white (BPEN-010, qty. 1)
Sterling silver domed message pendant - inspire (DMP-INSPIRE, qty 1)
10mm felt bead - olive green (FELT-027, qty. 1)
10mm felt bead - tea (FELT-028, qty. 2)
10mm felt bead - natural (FELT-031, qty. 1)
20mm felt bead - light turquoise (FELT-043, qty. 1)
Toho bead round 11/0 white lined peridot lustered (TBRD11-1046, qty. 1 pack)
Toho bead round 11/0 silver-lined teal (TBRD11-27BD, qty. 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 yellow lined aqua (TBRD8-954, qty. 1)
Toho bead triangle 8/0 silver-lined medium gold 8g bag (TBTR8-22B, qty. 1 pack)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Bead Pen - Pearl White
Code: BPEN-010
Total Length 6 inches, Mandrel 60x2.5mm 
Price: $11.84
Sterling Domed Message Pendant - INSPIRE
Height 14.5mm, Width 11mm 
Price: $6.79
TOHO Bead Round 11/0 Color-Lined Peridot Lustered
Code: TBRD11-1046
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
TOHO Bead Round 11/0 Silver-Lined Teal
Code: TBRD11-27BD
Size 11/0, 8g bag 
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Yellow Lined Aqua
Code: TBRD8-954
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Silver-Lined Smokey Topaz
Code: TBRD8-34
Size 8/0, 8g bag 

Purchase Tools & Supplies

The Beadsmith 11 Short Beading Needles 12-Pack
Code: NEED-10
Length 1 inch, Size 11 
Nymo D Bobbin Turquoise
Code: NYD-TQ
Size D (64 yards) 
Price: $1.95

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