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How to Use the BeJeweler

It's easy and fun to add bling to any project with the help of the BeJeweler® Pro Ergonomic or the BeJeweler® Stone Styler™! These tools are made specifically for use with Swarovski Hotfix rhinestones. When the BeJeweler is heated and the tip is placed over the rhinestone, it causes the heat activated adhesive on the back of the rhinestone to melt and adhere to the surface of your project. With this tool in your hands, you can create sparkling style in no time. This Handy Tip will teach you how to use this Stone Styler to make all your projects stand out with sparkle!
Swarovski Hotfix flatbacks come in a variety of different sizes and the BeJeweler comes with a variety of tips to work with the different sizes. Each tip has the millimeter and stone size engraved on the side, so you'll always know which one is right for your needs.Lay out your desired pattern on your project. For intricate designs, you can draw it with a quilting pen or a disappearing marker first. For this project we made a paper template as a guide. When working on fabric, the adhesive may go through to the other side. Be sure to put something in between the front and back of your project or on your work surface to protect it.Choose the correct tip for the size rhinestone you're working with and attach it to the BeJeweler. The tips screw into the tool in a clockwise motion. Plug in the BeJeweler and allow it to heat up. We recommend 5-8 minutes. When the BeJeweler is plugged in, the tip becomes very hot. Do not touch any metal parts of the tool or tip when in use.
Place the rhinestones you want to use face up on a hard, flat surface such as tile, glass or any other heat resistant, non-porous surface. Do not use wood or plastic. Gently place the tip of the BeJeweler over the rhinestone you want to use, being careful not to push down. Lift the tip. The tip will pick up the rhinestone for you.Watch for the adhesive to melt on the back of the rhinestone. It will start to look wet.Place the rhinestone onto your item in the desired position and immediately lift the tip up.
Use the side of the tool to gently press the crystal down to make sure it has adhered to the surface. Be careful at this point, as both the tool and the crystal will be very hot! Do not touch either with your hands. Continue steps four through eight until your desired pattern is complete.If a rhinestone gets stuck in the tip of the BeJeweler, simply insert a pin into the slot on the brass tip and hold the stone to the fabric while removing the tool.Once you have added all of the desired flatbacks, your design will sparkle from every angle!

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