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How to use Lillypilly Slate Veneers

Lillypilly's slate veneers offer amazing design options for earrings, bracelets and more. This lightweight and flexible material is created by pouring a resin/fiberglass mixture over slabs of slate, allowing the thin layers of stone to be pulled off in a thin veneer. After this, it is sealed with a stone sealer and is quite durable to chemicals and water. The backings of these slate sheets are covered with a thin, protective sheet of plastic film over the resin/fiberglass mixture, which can be irritating to the skin. Once the film is removed, make sure to wear protective gloves while working with this material and cover the back of your finished slate pieces with metal, another piece of slate, Ultrasuede or another material. You may also want to wear a mask while sawing through the slate if you have any concerns with the dust it creates. This Handy Tip will show you ways in which you can use this innovative material in your jewelry. We will create earrings, a pendant and a cuff bracelet.

Lillypilly Designs 3x7-Inch Multi-Color Slate Veneer Sheet (EMBMT-0387)
Lillypilly Designs 3x7-Inch Vine Print Black Slate Veneer Sheet (EMBMT-0388)
Lindstrom Shears (TOOL-0066)
3-Inch German-Style Saw Frame (TOOL-0019)
Size 2/0 Antilope Saw Blade (12pc Pack) (TOOL-0021)
3PC 5 1/2-Inch Needle File Set Cut 2 (TOOL-0018)
Metal Complex 1.5 and 2mm Hole Punch (TOOL-0012)
We will use two different kinds of slate veneers in our Handy Tip. These different patterns allow you to customize your designs even further.The back of each slate veneer features a protective plastic film, which peels off. Leave the plastic film on while cutting and shaping it. This backing will be removed before gluing or finishing your piece.You can cut the slate veneers with scissors, shears or a jewelry saw.
First, we will show you how to create earrings with the slate veneers.Cut the slate with shears into the desired shape. Use a hole punch to create a small hole at the top of the shape and then file the edges of the shape smooth.Use a copper sheet to create a backing for the slate. Punch a hole in the top of the copper sheet that will line up with the hole in the slate and attach these sheets together to an earwire using a jump ring. Repeat step five and this step to create the other earring.
You can also use these slate veneers to create custom pendants.Sketch out the shape you want to create onto the slate and then cut with a jewelry saw. Punch holes at the top of the shape where you want to attach chain and embellishments. File the edges of the shape smooth.Attach a custom embellishment to the center punched hole. We used suede and thread to create three small leaves and then added red beads to the extra thread to look like cherries.
Cut out a suede backing for the back of the slate and create two holes at the top lining up with the holes on the slate. You can sew seed beads around the edges of the suede. Glue the backing to the slate heart. Attach chain to the holes using jump rings.You can also use slate veneers for creating cuff bracelets. The thinner vine print black slate sheet has greater flexibility. We then created a paper pattern of the cuff. Be sure to add a little length to the ends of the pattern so you don't run short. You can always trim the excess slate if it is too long. Make sure you size the cuff to your wrist prior to gluing veneer.Lay your paper pattern out on the back of the slate and mark around it with a sharpie. Cut the slate to size by following the sharpie marks you made.
Remove the plastic film from the back of the slate and sandwich the slate between two layers of toweling.Heat the slate with an iron, making sure the iron is on a no steam setting. If you live somewhere hot, you can set your piece in the window to let the sun heat it up.Bend the slate, so that it takes on the same shape as the cuff. Glue it to the cuff and use clamps to hold the slate to the cuff while it dries. We used 5-minute two-part epoxy to glue the slate to the cuff.
Add a backing to the inside of the cuff, such as suede or leather. Trim the edges with leather.

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