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How to use Multi-Sized Looping Pliers

Wire wrapping just got simpler with multi-sized looping pliers! With six different diameters, you can form your own earwires without having to change tools. Custom figure eight links, S hook clasps, bails for pendants that are a difficult fit and jump rings in a multitude of sizes are easy to make of any kind of wire. Here we have some examples in sterling. Do experiment with craft wire first! Once you have a pair of these and some wire on hand, there will be no late night frustration of not having just the thing to finish your latest creation!

The length of wire to use will be determined by the size earwire you plan to make. We suggest experimenting with craft wire first.
Grip the end of the wire with the smallest diameter barrel on the multi-sized looping pliers and bend it around to form a small loop. Remove the wire from the pliers.
Grip the wire with the pliers under the first loop you made. We chose to use the largest diameter barrel. Bend the wire around the pliers in the opposite direction from the first loop. What diameter barrel you choose and where you make the bend will determine the size of the earwire so experimentation is key.
Use one of the medium diameter barrels to create a slight bend in the tail end of the earwire.
Trim the excess wire.
Use the wire rounder on all wire ends to make them smooth.
For a different look try hammering ¼ inch of the end of the wire prior to starting. Begin at Step 1 using the hammered end of wire to form the first loop. Small details like this will make your earwires one of a kind.
To create a kidney-shaped earwire we cut 4 ½ inches of sterling wire. Grip the wire about 2 inches down with the largest barrel on the pliers and bend both sides of wire downward.
On the longer wire tail, grip the wire so that the smallest diameter barrel is on the bottom and the bigger one is on the top. Make a slight bend upward.
Without removing the wire, bend the tail end of the wire around the smallest barrel on the pliers as shown. Once you have created the bend, remove the earwire from the pliers and place back into the pliers exactly upside down from the way it was.
Bend the wire upwards. Remove earwire from the pliers.
Using the smallest diameter barrel on the pliers create a U-shaped bend in the tail end of the wire as shown. This will serve as the hook for closing the earwire.
Trim the excess wire and create a slight bend at the end of the wire opposite from the hook side.
To create coils and jump rings, simply bend the wire around the appropriately sized diameter barrel for your desired size. Remove coil from the pliers.
Trim the excess wire. If creating jump rings cut the coil straight down one side.
To create an S-shaped link or clasp, simply bend both ends of wire in opposing directions. Create slight bends at each end for a more decorative look.
Creating clasps and links is a breeze with the multi-sized looping pliers. Try hammering metal with different textures before or after shaping to create a personalized look. The possibilities are endless!

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