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How to Use Guru Beads

Guru beads feature three stringing holes and includes a smaller tower bead, which holds the ends of your stringing material together, as seen in this Lapis and Lace Necklace. These beads are traditionally used in Mala jewelry. Malas are used with a prayer, or mantra, to meditate. Many malas feature a guru bead at the center of the design. This focal bead signifies the end of one round in the prayer circle. Learn how to add this meaningful bead to your jewelry designs.
You will need to use a needle to thread your stringing material through the guru bead. If you are using Griffin silk bead cord to create your jewelry, you can use the included needle. If you are not working with Griffin silk bead cord or if you need extra needles, you can buy them separately here. You could also use a big eye needle. Use chain nose pliers to slightly curve the end of the needle.Your needle should look something like this after you have curved it.Please note that you can start your project in several ways. You can use the needle (before curving it) to string all of your beads onto your stringing material ahead of time, or you can add your guru bead, string your other beads and then go back through your guru bead. The way you start your project will depend on the beads and cord used and if a needle is needed to add the other beads. Once you are ready to add your guru bead, work your curved needle through a stringing hole on one side of your chosen guru bead.
Bring your needle through the stringing hole at the bottom of the bead. This should be the stringing hole NOT directly across from where you entered, but perpendicular to the entry hole.Use your pliers to pull the needle through the stringing holes.Pull the needle until your stringing material slides through the bottom stringing hole.
Whether you have already added beads to your cord or are doing that after adding the guru bead, you will now need to bring the other end of your stringing material through the guru bead. To do this, you will want to use a big eye needle or one of the Griffin fine beading needles. Curve the needle as you did in step one and add your stringing material.Bring your needle through the stringing hole on the other side of your guru bead.Work the needle through the guru bead so that it is exiting out of the bottom stringing hole.
Use pliers to pull your needle through. This may be more difficult than it was before because the other end of your stringing material is also through the stringing hole.Continue to pull the needle until it is all the way through.Pull your stringing material through until the beads strung are tight against the guru bead on both sides.
Now you can thread the ends of your stringing material through the smaller tower bead included with your guru bead. You can either add more beads to the ends of your stringing material, knot it around a tassel or think of another finishing touch you would like. We used a tassel to finish our Tranquil Trails Mala Necklace.

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