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How To Use A Magic Finding

The Magic Finding is a simple and fun way to create multi-strand jewelry designs without the need for countless crimp tubes. Your looks will have the same professional flair and a more polished feel, and you can crimp all of your strands at once! Just follow these steps and you will be amazed at what new designs you will discover. You can attach chains, jump rings, clasps or other components to the Omega Insert in a design that uses the Magic Finding for a quick finish, too. Learn How to Use the Magic Finding with an Omega Insert by viewing our additional Handy Tip in the Learning Center.

First be sure to measure the jewelry wire to the desired length, and double that measurement. For example, if you are making an 18-inch long necklace, cut a piece of wire that is 36 inches. This will allow you to create at least three strands. Make sure to use jewelry wire that will fit in the Magic Finding. Size .024 is too large to slide through the holes, so be sure to use a smaller gauge. 21 gauge is the maximum size stringing wire that will fit through the magic finding. A 22 gauge wire will fit, as long as it is cut flush and the wire is straight.

Step 1Step 2Step 3
String the wire through the center hole of one Magic Finding.
String the beads onto the wire to create the first strand in your design.
Thread the wire through a second Magic Finding, going through a side hole.
Step 4Step 5Step 6
Bring the wire back through the second Magic Finding, through the hole closest to the one you just used (not the center hole).
Pull the wire down tight so the loop you just created lays flat against the finding. Give yourself a little bit of space between the beads and the finding to prevent your beads from breaking.
String the second strand of beads onto the wire.
Step 7Step 8Step 9
Thread the wire through the first Magic Finding through one side hole, and then back through the hole closest to the one you just used.
Continue this process for as many strands you like.
Finish your design by threading the wire through the center hole of the second Magic Finding and then grab the Magic Finding Plier.
Step 10Step 11Step 12
Cradle one of the Magic Findings inside the outer station of the Magic Finding Plier—the opening farthest from the handles of the pliers and center.
Clamp down with the pliers to crimp the finding.
Rotate the pliers 90 degrees and crimp again. Repeat this two more times to go all the way around.
Step 13
Place the finding in the second station, closest to the handles, and repeat steps 11 and 12. Firmly crimp until the jaws of the pliers are completely closed. Snip off any excess wire.

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