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How to Make a Two-Seed-Bead Backstitch

Want to create a dazzling display of seed beads around your favorite cabochon for a remarkable hand-made bezel? This simple two-bead backstitch is perfect for beginners. We'll show you how to create a border around a large pendant, and then how to embellish it with floral accents. Just choose your favorite cabochon or pendant to work with and thread in a complementing color. We are using red in order for you to better see it. The first thing you will need to do is glue your component to one piece of Lacy's Stiff Stuff using Gem-Tac permanent adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

Cut a long piece of thread for your project. A good rule of thumb when making seed bead designs is to use no longer than an arm's length. Thread one beading needle and tie a knot at the end to secure. Condition the thread with beeswax or Thread Heaven.

Step one:
Step two:
Thread two seed beads onto the needle and line them up along the edge of the cabochon. Push the needle down through the Stiff Stuff and pull it through. Come back up through the Stiff Stuff, closest to the first bead.
Step three:
Step four:
Bring the needle back through both seed beads.Thread two new seed beads onto the needle.
Step five:
Step six:
Push the needle down through the Stiff Stuff, closest to the last bead.Count three beads back from the last bead, and bring the needle up between this third bead and the first bead. Be sure not to pierce the needle through the thread as this will damage the design.
Step seven:
Step eight:
Pass the needle through the first three beads. Continue this process for the remainder of your piece. You can create multiple borders along the edge using this same technique. When you're finished, trim the excess Stiff Stuff.

Flower Embellishments:

We added flower embellishments to hide the large stringing hole in our pendant. First, cut approximately 3 feet of thread and condition it as before. Bring the needle up through the stringing hole.

Step one:
Step two:
Thread the desired flowers onto the needle and allow them to rest on top of the pendant. Thread 3 seed beads onto the needle. Run the needle through the second bead, skipping the first. Bring the needle back down through the stringing hole to create a loop.
Step three:
Step four:
Repeat Step Three to make a second loop for the flower. Do this for as many flowers as you like and then sew a knot on the back of the Stiff Stuff to secure the flowers. Trim any excess thread.
Once you are finished, cut a second piece of Stiff Stuff and glue it to the first and then trim the excess. This will hide your stitching. You can use felt or permanent marker to color the Stiff Stuff so it matches the colors in your piece. Step five:

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