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How to Knot Pearls

Knotting is traditionally used to protect pearls from rubbing against each other and to keep them from flying everywhere if the strand breaks. It also makes for an interesting design element. Knotting can be done with almost any type of bead in a thread that matches the color of your beads, or a contrasting color. While it takes some practice to get good at, knotting is a skill that's fairly easy to pick up. Here, we show you how it's done. You will need a stringing material, tweezers and pearls. We recommend that you start with a practice project that won't cost much if you make a mistake. Learn an easy way to begin and finish your strand with a bead tip by visiting our Handy Tip about how to use a closed-loop bead tip. You can also learn the traditional way of knotting with a clasp by visiting this Handy Tip. If you want to learn how to add French Wire for a secure and professional look, take a look at this Handy Tip.
Thread a bead onto the silk cord.Hold the bead in place under your thumb. Hold the other side with your ring finger, so your pointer and middle fingers will be open for looping the knot. Wrap the thread once around your pointer and middle fingers.Wrap your thread a second time around your fingers and stop in the back.
Pass the thread over the thread wrapped around the top of your fingers and then bring it under, bringing it from back to front.Pull the rest of the thread through.Take your tweezers and pass it under the thread closest to the end of your finger. With the tweezers still under that first thread, grab the other thread as close as you can get to the threaded pearl.
While still holding the thread with your tweezers, take your fingers out of the loop.Pull on the thread to start creating the knot.With your tweezers, grab the loop of the knot and bring it closer to the pearl.
Use your tweezers to tighten the knot more and push it closer to the pearl. Repeat these steps to complete the necklace strand and then you can finish the strand by adding a bead tip, a clasp or French wire as stated in the beginning of this Handy Tip.

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