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How to Embellish Peyote Stitch

In our Joy Necklace you will see embellishment has been added to the basic peyote stitch design. In this handy tip we will teach you how to accomplish this and you can use this in future designs. For instructions about how to do basic peyote, please Click Here.
After completing a basic peyote stitch segment, string one cube onto the thread and run your needle back through the first up bead of the outside row.
When you pull the thread tight, the cube should fall into place alongside the top row.
Add a silver round to your thread and pass the needle through the next up bead.
Continue in this fashion until you have three silver rounds in the up bead position. Complete the row by pulling your thread through the last up Toho in the row
Work your way back through the entire piece lengthwise, weaving through up and down rows as you go. Come out through the center bead at the end.
Thread your needle through two cube beads, and add the first silver bead.
Continue back through this side, threading 3 silver beads into the 3 spaces between the up beads. Again you come out at the end of the piece.
Thread 6 silver beads onto your thread.
Pull your needle through the cube bead on the opposite side of that end, making a half circle of beads at the end of your piece. Go back through the second row, first cube bead as shown in this image.
Turning the needle back toward the end of the project, string it through the other cube beads in row two.
Work your way through the end square bead, and back through all 6 silver beads. Repeat this pattern several times to strengthen the loop. Make this loop three or four times, or until it becomes difficult to pass the thread through the beads.
Now work your way to the other end of the piece, as shown, and come out through one of the cube beads at the opposite end of your design.
String six silver beads on, and continue through the cube bead at the opposite side of the end of your piece as you did on the first end.
Strengthen the half circle of beads on this end as you did on the other end, moving through the silver beads three times, or four if you like. Now move through the piece diagonally from one end to the other. Do the same diagonal threading the other direction, to make a criss-cross strengthening stitch.

If you would like more guidance and knowledge about this versatile peyote stitch, check out our great book on the subject Beading with Peyote Stitch.

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