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Beading the Edge of an Embroidered Bezel - Brick Stitch Technique

This technique is a beautiful way to finish a beaded bezel. Also known as the "raw edge" or "basic edge," this technique uses the base stitch for the brick stitch pattern. Begin first by creating a beaded bezel. To learn how to create a beaded bezel read our Handy Tip.

Once you have finished your beaded bezel, use an adhesive such as Gem-Tac to attach a second piece of backing to the back side of the bezel. The backing can be any kind of fabric or material that will not fray when cut, such as Lacy's Stiff Stuff. We chose to use a textured felt. Let dry completely before beading.
Cut a length of thread approximately a little longer than arm's length. We used Nymo D thread. The amount you need will depend on the size of your piece. Thread one beading needle and tie a secure knot at the end of the thread. With the needle, skip over the second layer of backing that you added in step one and pierce the first layer, just under the last row of beads.
Pull the thread all the way through and tuck the knot between the two layers of backing.
Add one seed bead to the needle and thread. Bring the needle to the back side of the bezel and pierce through both pieces of backing and come up next to the bead you strung.
Pull the thread tight and then bring the needle back through the first seed bead. The first bead may not sit correctly until you have finished the edging so don’t worry if it’s crooked for now.
Add one seed bead. Come up from the bottom and pierce both pieces of backing. The amount of space between the stitches shouldn’t be any wider than the beads being used.
Pull the thread all the way through and pass the needle through the back of the seed bead from the previous step. This should start to line the row of beads up nicely.
Repeat Step five, adding one seed bead and coming up through the back of the bezel and the bead until you have reached where you started.
Once you have stitched on the last bead in the row, bring the needle back through the first bead you stitched on to make it sit correctly.
To finish the ends, continue to pass the needle through beads and backing material for reinforcement. Tie a knot, trim the excess thread and tuck the knot into a bead.

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