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How to Braid Cupchain to Chain

Cupchain can be used in a variety of unique ways. Here, we have attached it to regular chain with a braided design. This technique is full of texture and new dimension. It's a great way to bring color and shine to your designs. Learn how to braid cupchain to chain to make your projects stand out even more!
Start off by making sure the crystals and chain links match up one to one. So, one link in the chain has to match up to one crystal in the cupchain. Cut the chain to your desired length. Cut the cupchain to the same length, with one extra crystal at each end.We will use six-strand embroidery floss for our braiding. Cut three pieces of floss eight times longer than the length of the bracelet. Our bracelet is 6 1/2 inches long, so we cut our lengths to 51 inches.Gather all three strands together and tie a simple overhand loop in the center. Place the end of the cupchain over the floss.
Pull the loop closed around the first link between the first two crystals in the cupchain.Attach a big eye needle to the ends of both sections of the floss. Take the right section and thread it through the first link in the chain from the back.Pull the thread through so that the cupchain and chain are next to each other.
Take the left section of floss and place it under the cupchain.Take the right section of floss and cross it over the left section of floss and under the cupchain.As you tighten these two pieces of floss, they will cross each other behind the next crystal in the cupchain.
Make another overhand loop and tighten it around the link between the second and third crystal in the cupchain.Thread the section of floss that is now on your right through the second link in the chain.Pull it through.
Again, cross the lefthand section of floss under the cupchain. Cross the righthand section of cupchain over the left section and then under the cupchain. Pull until they cross behind the next crystal.Make another overhand loop and tighten it around the next open link in the cupchain.You will see a pattern start to take shape.
Continue this pattern until you reach the end of the chain. Gather all the strands of floss together and tie a knot to finish.Trim the ends of the floss if needed and you're done! You can now add a clasp if desired. If you want to add this piece to another chain that's been enhanced with a braided design, check out our Chic Chick Bracelet.

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