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How to Use Ice Resin

The Ice Resin Kit comes with mixing cups and mixing sticks. Additionally we found the following items helpful; paint brush, tooth picks, tweezers, scissors, small sponge and a needle or pin for popping bubbles.

  • In order for the resin to cure properly, you will need to use at least ¼oz of both the resin and the hardener. If the item you are working on is small, you may want to have multiple pieces ready to make the best use of your resin. From the time you mix the resin it is usable for 30 minutes. After that it will begin to set and must be discarded.
  • Natural drying or setting time is best in a dust free area. You can cover the pieces with a box to prevent dust settling. It takes approximately 24 hours at 72° which is the optimal room temperature for mixing resin. Any cooler and you will have difficulty stirring and removing bubbles. Curing time is three days. If you need to speed up the process, use a toaster oven set at 85 to 90 degrees for 12 hours or 120 to 130 degrees for 2 to 3 hours for curing. Do not heat cure your resin piece until the pot life has expired.
  • If you choose to use paper in your design, we recommend coating the paper with Mod Podge® or other sealer. This will prevent the paper from bleeding or forming "water spots".
  • Place the piece on a level, protected work surface. If you are working with a ring, support the ring so that the frame is level.
    If you are using paper in your design, cut the paper to fit. Apply a coat of Mod Podge® or other sealer to both sides of the paper and allow it to dry completely. Apply a second coat and allow to dry completely.
    Apply a coat of Mod Podge® to the inside of the frame. Position the paper and gently press and smooth it to remove any air pockets. Apply another coat to the surface of the paper and around the edges. Allow it to dry completely before pouring the resin.
    Use two mixing cups. Cut the tips off of the dispensing caps and put them on to the Resin and Hardener bottles. Pour ¼oz Part A Resin in one cup and ¼oz Part B Hardener in the other cup. It is important to have exactly equal proportions of the resin and the hardener in order for it to cure properly.
    Pour the Part B Hardener into the Part A Resin. Use a stir stick to gently fold the two parts together mixing well. The less aggressive you mix, the fewer bubbles you'll have. Mix for 2 minutes. The mixture should look clear and no longer streaky. Once the resin is mixed, you have 30 minutes before it starts to thicken.
    Because of the thickness of the resin, it tends to mound as you pour it and then it settles, making it easy to over fill the frame. Pour the resin slowly into the frame or use a mixing stick to drizzle the resin into the frame. Make sure that the piece is still level after you pour the resin.
    Use a needle, toothpick or fine pointed tool to pop any bubbles or gently tap the piece to coax the bubbles to surface. Be sure to wipe any resin immediately from any tools that you use. Bubbles can hide under paper or components. Use a toothpick or mixing stick to press on the paper and components to release any bubbles. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Placing the piece under a task lamp will help the bubbles rise.
    If you want multiple layers in your design, fill the frame part way for your first pour. Let the resin dry for 24 hours. Then add the next layer of components. For smaller components, use a toothpick or tweezers for better control.
    Mix up a new batch of resin and pour on top of the first layer. Fill just until you have a slight mound. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Again, placing the piece under a task lamp will help the bubbles rise.
    Let the resin cure completely before wearing. That is all there is to it. We know you will love Ice Resin and creating beautiful mixed-media creations. Order an Ice Resin Kit today and get started.

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