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Herringbone Weave Handy Tip

Cut one strand of each color (four strands total) 8 times the desire bracelet length plus 8-inches for finishing. Fold the strands in half and knot 2-inches from the end.
Separate the strands and position them so that the colors mirror each other. Tape the knotted end and the strands to the work surface or pin to a knotting board.
Start with the far left strand (string A) and loop it over and then under string B. Bring the end up through string A and B.
Hold string B straight as you pull the knot taunt.
Repeat step three and four to form a left overhand knot.
Working toward the center, take string A and make a left overhand knot around string C and then D. Stop knotting.
From the far right side, take strand A and make right overhand knots around strands B, C and D.
Knot strands A and A in either a left or right overhand knot. Be sure to use the same knot, either a left overhand or a right overhand knot throughout the bracelet so that the center knots all go in the same direction.
Stands A and A are now the two center strands and B and B become the outside strands.
Starting with strand B, repeat steps three thru eight to the desired bracelet length. Always starting with the outermost strands and working towards the center.
Gather all the strands together and make a knot to secure. Trim ends, and knot to prevent fraying if necessary.

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