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Halloween Fright Light Shade

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Halloween Fright Light Shade Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

This "Halloween Fright Light" is sure to become a Halloween adornment your family will cherish year after year. Radiant Czech fire-polished glass beads line this lampshade to cast eerie orange shadows around your home, creating a perfectly spooky Halloween ambiance.

Due to the large amount of glass beads, this lamp frame will be heavy. Avoid a top-heavy or unstable lamp by using this lampshade on shorter stands and bases.

Step one:
Choose a frame. We purchased a simple 4.5-inch tall metal lampshade frame which featured six vertical bars connecting the top and bottom rings. These bars formed six segments for us to bead within. To start beading, cut approximately one yard of 22 gauge copper wire. Twist one end of the copper wire around one of the bars at the top ring of the lamp shade two or three times until secure, leaving a short tail of wire. Press the tail flat against the back side of the bar; later as you bead your way around the lamp, you will secure it in place.

Step two:
Start by creating the top row of black beads which will cover the top lampshade ring. Thread enough 8mm Czech fire-polished jet matte beads to fill the first section between bars. Tightly wrap the wire around the next bar once and bead the next section; repeat until you have completed the top row. When you come around to a leftover tail from where you started a new wire, simply wrap over it and around the bar and continue beading, this will hold the tail behind the bar and out of sight. It is helpful to occasionally smooth the wire out with nylon jaw pliers to remove any kinks.

Step three:
To move down to the next row, wrap the wire downward two or three times around the bar to create enough space for the new row of beads. To build the body of the lampshade, randomly thread 6mm Czech fire-polished hyacinth beads and 6mm Czech fire-polished persimmon pearl coat beads between sections, tightly wrapping the copper wire around each bar as you did in step two. Whenever you near the end of your wire, twist it around the bar once and trim the tail to about an inch and twist it to your new length of wire. Tuck the tail as described above. Continue beading around the lampshade frame until you reach the bottom. Use 8mm Czech fire-polished jet matte beads to complete the bottom row and cover the bottom lampshade ring. Trim excess wire to leave a 1-inch tail and weave it back under the wrapped wire on the bar to finish the lampshade.

Step four:
Next, make the decorative pumpkin finial; we started with the base and worked our way up. Cut two 4-inch pieces of 22 gauge copper wire and attach one to each side hole on a gunmetal-plated pewter abstract framed round link using a wrapped loop. Leave excess wire and set aside. Cut an 8-inch piece of 22 gauge copper wire and make a wrapped loop at one end. Thread the following items in this order: one 6mm Czech fire-polished hyacinth bead, the prepped round link, one large roundelle-salmon resin bead, one round stoneware spacer-light orange, one gunmetal-plated pewter snowflake link, one 8mm Czech fire-polished hyacinth bead, one stoneware Halloween bead-jack-o-lantern, one gunmetal-plated pewter abstract framed round link and one 6mm Czech fire-polished hyacinth bead. Finish with a wrapped loop and leave excess wire. Wind this excess wire around an open paper clip or other small rod to form a decorative curlicue.

Step five:
Create a wrapped loop on two Czech glass medium leaf topaz AB beads using 22 gauge copper wire. Attach one leaf to the wrapped loop on top of the pumpkin finial. Attach the second leaf to the curlicue by winding the simple loop around the curlicue wire to secure it in place. Fasten the pumpkin finial to the lamp shade by tightly wrapping the excess wire from the base round link to the top of the lamp fixture.

For additional help when working with wire, check out the, ABC's of Metal & Wire, a useful addition to any beader's library.
Estimated time: Less than 4 hours
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Tools and Supplies Used:
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi flush (TOOL-131)
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
Nylon jaw pliers (TOOL-105)
22 gauge copper wire, 15 yards (WR22COP15)
List of Components:
Fire-polished bead 8mm hyacinth (25pc pack) (FPS-HYA8, qty 1)
Stoneware Halloween bead-jack-o-lantern (SW-BD213, qty 1)
Fire-polished bead 6mm hyacinth (50pc pack) (FPS-HYA6, qty 11)
Fire-polished bead 6mm persimmon pearl coat (50pc pack) (FPS-PC-PSM6, qty 10)
Fire-polished bead 8mm jet matte (25pc pack) (FPS-MA-JET8, qty 4)
Gunmetal-plated pewter abstract framed round link (PGM-LX027, qty 2)
Gunmetal-plated pewter snowflake link (PGM-LX030, qty 1)
Resin beads, large roundelle-salmon (RESRNDL21, qty 1)
Stoneware round spacer-light orange (SW-BD170, qty 1)
Czech glass bead medium leaf topaz ab (CR-LF146, qty 2)

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Golem Design Studio Stoneware Halloween Bead - Jack-o-Lantern
Code: SW-BD213
Height 14.5mm, Width 16mm 
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Fire-Polished Bead 6mm Fuchsia and Lemon (50pc Pack)
Code: FPS-FUL6
Length 6mm, Width 6mm 
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Fire-Polished Bead 6mm Opaque Bright Orange (50pc Pack)
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Purchase Tools & Supplies

Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.67
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Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
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Round Nose Pliers
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Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Code: TOOL-105
Sale Price: $16.40
Price: $18.64

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