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Frequently Asked Questions - Gilders Paste

Gilders Paste is easy to use and can be applied to many different surfaces. You can use it on metal, wood, polymer clay, ceramic, wax or resin. Gilders Paste is a fun way to give your base metal links and pendants a personalized touch, and you can even use it to highlight details on sterling silver.

1. Prepare your surface. If you are working with something smooth, you'll need to roughen it so that the contact with the paste is solid and it can form a strong bond. There are two ways that you can do this. One way is to rub the surface with steel wool or sandpaper. The other is to apply a primer or paint to the surface first. If you use a primer or paint, let it dry completely before applying the gilders paste.

2. Use a finger, paint brush or cloth to apply the paste. If the Gilders Paste has dried out or if you want it to be thinner, you can use mineral spirits to smooth or thin it.

3. Leaving the Gilders Paste alone after it has dried will give your piece a matte appearance. Some of the colors are metallic. If you rub these colors lightly with a soft cloth after the paste has dried, they will take on a gilded appearance. Rubbing non-metallic colors will produce a soft shine.

Drying Time:
Gilders Paste should be dry to the touch within an hour or so and completely dry within 12 hours.

Gilders Paste is designed to be permanent once it has dried. If it is applied to a surface with good contact, it shouldn't need a sealer unless that surface gets a lot of contact with another surface (like a clasp or a layered pendant). You can always apply a sealer as an extra layer of protection.

Tips and Tricks:
You can create many different effects with gilders paste. Here are just a few looks that you can achieve.

To highlight the recessed details in a design, rub the Gilders Paste onto your piece and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, use a cloth to rub away the Gilders Paste on the surface of your design. You will end up with a darker look in the recesses and a thin layer of Gilders Paste on the top surfaces. Once the paste has dried for over an hour, you can apply a different color to the top surface if you like.

When applying colors, think about where you want each color to be. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until one color dries before applying the next, and the colors may blend together instead of being crisp. For detailed work, you can thin down the Gilders Paste slightly with mineral spirits and use a fine paint brush to apply it.

Don't be afraid to blend different colors. While the first color is still wet, simply rub another color over it to blend the two shades.

If your paste has started to get dry, add mineral spirits to thin it out and add new life. When the paste is still wet, mineral spirits also make it easier to remove.Learn how to refresh Gilders Paste in detail with this Handy Tip.

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