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Fire and Ice Necklace

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Fire and Ice Necklace Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

This necklace will have onlookers wondering just how you did it! Keep them wondering and enjoy the extra attention you are bound to get with this great necklace.

Step one: This necklace will be made in stages. First we will create the links that attach to the square washers, then we will connect them. To create the glass links, to connect the square washers, cut a 6-inch length of Fireline thread and string this pattern six times: Fire Designs bead, rhodium-plated spacer, Toho seed bead and another rhodium spacer. See step two for color combinations.

Step two: String the beads through the square washer and then finish the link by tying three simple tight knots and passing the thread through several beads to hide it. Use a dab of glue for extra security. Repeat steps one and two for all square washers. On the raintree ceramic washer, you will use the ocean mix Fire Designs glass and the teal lined crystal Toho beads on both sides. For the Olive washer, you will use those beads on one side and the spring mix Fire Designs beads with the transparent coral AB Tohos on the other. For the purple washer you will use the spring mix and coral beads on both sides to make the transition from cool tones to warm.

Step three: To make the seed bead links, string twenty seed beads and use the same knot technique to attach the Fire Designs glass links together. Coordinate the colors with the links you are attaching them to.

Step four: Prepare a 14-inch thread with a needle at each end. Using the color of Tohos that match the side of the necklace you are working on, string 20 seed beads onto the center of the string and pass the thread through one link. Secure both threads with an overhand knot and dab the knot with adhesive. You should now have a beaded loop that goes through your glass link with two strings of Fireline, approx. 5 inches long, sticking out on one side. String one spacer bead and one Fire Design bead onto both strings then four inches of seed beads, also on both strings.

Step five: To attach the clasp, string it onto the seed bead strand, add three more Toho beads and knot below the last three beads on the other side of the clasp. Add another touch of glue and allow to dry.

Step six: Repeat steps four and five for the other side of the necklace. Let glue dry thoroughly before wearing.
Approximate size: 20 inches
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Less than 2 hours

Tools Used:
#11 Short Beading Needles (NEED-10)
Large Loop Scissors (TOOL-123)
GS Hypo Cement (GS-HYPO)
The BeadSmith Crystal Fireline - 50 yards (6lb test) (FL06CR50)
List of Components:
Small glazed purple iris washer (CRD-ETC077, qty 1)
Small glazed olive green washer (CRD-ETC076, qty 1)
Small glazed raintree washer (CRD-ETC078, qty 1)
Spring mix Fire Designs 1oz Pack (FD-SPRING, qty 2 packs)
Ocean mix Fire Designs 1oz Pack (FD-OCEAN, qty 2 packs)
Toho bead hex 8/0 teal green lined crystal (TBHX8-274, qty 1 pack)
Toho bead hex 8/0 transparent coral AB (TBHX8-165C, qty 1 pack)
Rhodium-plated Kenyan heishi spacer (RB-0405, qty 74)
Gold hammered square toggle (G-6121, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Fire Designs Hand Blown Furnace Glass Beads Approx 1oz - SPRING MIX
1oz Approx 27 pieces 
$14.08 $9.71$13.36 $9.21$12.69 $8.75
Fire Designs Hand Blown Furnace Glass Beads Approx 1oz - OCEAN BLUE
1oz Approx 27 pieces 
TOHO Bead Hex 8/0 Teal Green Lined Crystal
Code: TBHX8-274
Size 8/0, 8 gram bag 
$1.38 $0.96$1.29 $0.90$1.21 $0.84
TierraCast Rhodium-Plated Pewter Kenyan Heishi Spacer
Code: RB-0405
Diameter 4mm 
$0.13 $0.11$0.12 $0.10$0.11 $0.09
TierraCast Gold-Plated Pewter Hammered Square Toggle Clasp
Code: G-6121
Loop 24x23.5mm, Bar 23.5mm 
$3.16 $2.59$2.98 $2.44$2.81 $2.30

Purchase Tools & Supplies

The Beadsmith 11 Short Beading Needles 12-Pack
Code: NEED-10
Length 1 inch, Size 11 
$2.49 $2.06$2.34 $1.94$2.21 $1.83
Large Loop Scissors
Code: TOOL-123
Length 4-inches 
Sale Price: $4.67
Price: $5.50
The Beadsmith Crystal FireLine - 50 Yards (6LB Test)
Code: FL06CR50
Diameter .008 inches, 50 yards 
Sale Price: $8.26
Price: $9.29
GS Hypo Cement
1/3 fl oz 
Sale Price: $4.44
Price: $4.99

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