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How to Use an Endcap or Crimp End

Tip: If you are having trouble with your glue, scratch the leather a bit on the end with a fingernail to remove the shiny exterior. When it is more porous, the glue holds better. Also remember to let the glue dry for at least 24 hours for a strong bond.

List of Materials:
925CH29 (two pieces: 8 links (A), and 6 links (B))
Tools Used
E6000 Glue 3.7 Fluid Ounces (E6000)
Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers (TOOL-125)
If you are using an endcap, you may skip this step. If you are using a crimp end, you may need to use your chain nose pliers to open your crimp ends just enough to slide your stringing material inside. If so, insert your pliers into the crimp end and slowly pull them apart. Be sure not to open them too much.
Dip the tip of the stringing material directly in the glue. You only need a small amount; be careful to not use too much. Be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area. Always read manufacturer's instructions before beginning.
Insert the stringing material into your crimp end or endcap. Depending on what type of endcap you're working with, be careful not to push the material through the other end. For endcaps, squeeze gently but firmly and hold for a minute. For crimp ends, slowly squeeze with your chain nose pliers so the metal crimps down on the stringing material. Be very careful not to squeeze too hard too fast. For best results use Nylon Jaw pliers (TOOL-105) to prevent marring the metal.
Attach each end to your clasp. You may need to use jump rings.
To attach a donut to the necklace, fold your stringing material in the center, run the center through the hole of the pendant, then slip the ends back through the center loop of your stringing material and pull tight.
Use this technique to add a professional look to the simplest designs.

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