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Family Recipe Book

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Family Recipe Book Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

We created this recipe book as a special way to pass on favorite family recipes. We purchased a photo album at our local craft store and chose a common style and size so that it would be easy to find refill pages and additional top loading sheet protectors if we needed them .This album came with a plastic cover which will protect the front from spills in the kitchen. Choose your own craft papers and embellishments to suit each recipe. We added stickers, charms, beads and fibers to make each recipe special. Be sure to pass on any tips or tricks, and any family lore you might have. Cover:
Step one: Choose paper and embellishments for the cover page. We used bronze copper glitter die-cut alphabet stickers for the title and added some stickers from Mira glitter birds and flowers die-cut stickers. Use1 1 1/16 inch terrifically tacky tape to attach the page you create to the album cover.

Step two: Cut a 10-inch length of red ultra micro fiber suede and tie the sterling silver chocolate charm and the sterling silver spatula and egg beater charm to each end. Cut another 10-inch piece of red suede and tie the sterling silver swirl design heart charm and the sterling domed message family pendant to each end. Cut a 10-inch piece of fiber from Victorian dreams embellishment fibers mixed card. On one end of the fiber use a big eye beading needle to thread on a light jonquil Czech glass large flat flower bead and a fuchsia/white Czech glass wavy leaf bead and knot. Thread a leaf bead onto the other end of the fiber and knot. Use the hand-dyed silk candy apple green and hand-dyed silk burgundy ribbons to wrap around the front cover of the book. Tie the charms and beads into the knot at the top of the book. Recipe one:
Step one: Choose paper to suit the recipe. We made a pocket to hold an heirloom recipe card and a place to journal about the recipe. We used distressing ink that we purchased at our local craft store to distress the edges of the journal paper and some Mira stickers to embellish it.

Step two: For the pocket use 1/8 inch Terrifically Tacky Tape to attach a length of red suede. Leave a small space in the center of the suede untapped for the beads and fiber. Use fiber and the big eye needle to string two fuchsia Czech glass large flat flower and one light jonquil flower beads, tie to the red suede. use a Hot Fix applicator to attach SS16 peridot hotfix flatbacks. Recipe two:
Step one: Choose paper to suit the recipe. We embellished this page with SS10 mocca, SS12 mocca, SS16 padparadscha, SS12 peridot and SS30 peridot hotfix rhinestones.

Step two:
Punch a hole in the top center of the page and tie a piece of kiwi 7/8-inch organza ribbon through the holes, adding the enamel candy cane charm as you tie the bow.
Approximate size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Estimated time: an afternoon
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools and Supplies Used:
Terrifically tacky tape 1-1/16 Inch (TAPE02)
Terrifically tacky tape 1/8 Inch (TAPE05)
Assorted sizes big eye beading needles 6-pack (NEED-15)
Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator (TOOL-0194)
Mira glitter birds and flowers die-cut stickers (STKR-0074)
Bronze copper glitter die-cut alphabet stickers (STKR-0094)
Victorian dreams embellishment fibers mixed card (FIBER19)
List of Components:
Sterling silver chocolate charm (CHARM180, qty. 1)
Sterling silver spatula and egg beater charm (CHARM186, qty. 1)
Enamel candy cane charm (CHARM563, qty. 1)
Sterling silver swirl design heart charm (CHARM964, qty. 1)
Sterling domed message pendant - family (DMP-FAMILY, qty. 1)
Czech glass large flat flower fuchsia (CR-FL115, qty. 2)
Czech glass large flat flower light jonquil (CR-FL195, qty. 2)
Czech glass wavy leaf fuchsia/white (CR-LF153, qty. 2)
H2028 hotfix flatback ss10 mocca (H2028-MOC10, qty. 2)
H2028 hotfix flatback ss12 mocca (H2028-MOC12, qty. 2)
H2038 hotfix flatbacks ss16 padparadscha (H2038-PAD16, qty. 2)
H2028 hotfix flatbacks ss12 peridot (H2028-PER12, qty. 8)
H2028 hotfix flatbacks ss16 peridot (H2028-PER16, qty. 7)
H2028 hotfix flatback ss30 peridot (H2028-PER30, qty. 4)
Ultra micro fiber suede by the foot - red (MSUEDE12, qty. 3)
7/8-inch organza ribbon by the foot - kiwi (R78-KIWI, qty. 1)
Hand-dyed silk candy apple green (RBSILK-APPL, qty. 1)
Hand-dyed silk burgundy (RBSILK-BURG, qty. 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Sterling Silver Chocolate Charm
Code: CHARM180
Height 21mm, Width 6.5mm 
$8.55 $6.84$7.98 $6.38$7.46 $5.96
Sterling Silver Spatula and Egg Beater Charm
Code: CHARM186
Height 23mm 
$10.63 $8.50$9.92 $7.93$9.26 $7.40
Enamel Candy Cane Charm
Code: CHARM563
Height 24mm, Width 11mm 
$13.49 $10.79$12.59 $10.07$11.75 $9.40
Sterling Silver Swirl Design Heart Charm
Code: CHARM964
Height 15mm, Width 13.5mm 
$8.86 $7.08$8.26 $6.60$7.70 $6.16
Sterling Domed Message Pendant - FAMILY
Height 14.5mm, Width 11mm 
Sale Price: $5.43
Price: $6.79
Ultra Micro Fiber Suede Red by the Foot
Code: MSUEDE12
Length 1 foot, Width 3mm 
$0.30 $0.24$0.28 $0.22$0.25 $0.20
Hand-Dyed Silk Candy Apple Green
Minimum 32 inches 
Sale Price: $3.61
Price: $9.04
32-Inch Burgundy Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon
Minimum 32 inches 
$9.04 $7.23$8.44 $6.75$7.88 $6.30

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Terrifically Tacky Tape 1-1/16 Inch
Code: TAPE02
Width 1 1/16 inches, Length 5 yards 
$12.75 $10.20$11.90 $9.52$11.11 $8.88
The BeadSmith Assorted Sizes Big Eye Beading Needles 6-Pack
Code: NEED-15
Length 2-5 inches 
$3.58 $2.86$3.33 $2.66$3.09 $2.47
Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator
Code: TOOL-0194
Sale Price: $12.79
Price: $15.99

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