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Fall/Winter 2012/2013 - Wedding Trends

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Just when you think there's nothing new under the sun, along comes a fashion idea that's so outrageous that you look at it and think, "Why not?" You know who you are if you say "Yes" to the red wedding dress. You're the one they'll talk about for years to come. They will never forget the vision of you coming down the aisle in red for a Christmas (or Valentine's Day) wedding. A wide red velvet sash could be just enough red if you don't want to give your Grandmother palpitations.

If you aren't that girl and you'd like a more traditional color story, there's so much to choose from! Gray is paired with anything this season with great results. Soft silver gray and blush is formal and elegant or a darker slate gray with eggplant and a touch of burnt coral speaks to a harvest time nuptial. The white on white look is going to be popular this coming season. These shades all work together from the coffee with cream to eggshell. Your favorite color as an accent will personalize this classic palate. The trick is to make the fabric textures stand out with rich contrasts. Linen and old lace, burlap and damask, layer these on your tables and wait for the complements on your good taste!
We all know there are a ton of details to work out when planning a wedding. What the groom's men wear or what the tables look like won't matter years from now. Your portrait with the dress and bouquet will last for many years so you better love the earrings, bracelet and head ornament you choose! These should reflect your personal style and taste while tying into the theme of your wedding.

Here are a few ideas to consider that you could personalize with your own crafty flair.
  • Upon arriving at the reception, serve guests from a hot beverage station only rather than espresso drinks and tea, have hot cider, hot chocolate and hot roasted chestnuts.
  • For a meaningful touch, carry tiny photos of loved ones unable to attend in the form of silver frame charms worked into the bouquet ribbon.
  • Fire and Ice lanterns! Using paper milk cartons creating a cavity by taping a second, smaller container inside. Once frozen, the milk carton tears away the cavity can hold a votive candle on each reception table. Experiment with cranberries, pinecones, twigs; beads or marbles can be added to carry out your theme.
  • Escort cards direct guests to their assigned table. Rather than just set those out on a table consider displaying them tied to a crystal candelabrum, each with a tiny crystal on the ribbon. For a more casual style, paint bare tree branches white; secured in a coffee can of Plaster of Paris; set inside a garden planter. Attach old fashioned oat tag cards that you have decorated with stamps, embossing powder, bits of lace or ribbon and then carefully printed the guests name and table. Some strings of tiny lights would be nice too.
  • Soft, satin Kumihimo cords that you've braided could be used in many ways. The ancient custom of Handfasting where the couple literally ties the knot could be very special, rich with symbolism. How nice to add your colors in the cord!

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