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Emma's Garden Watering Can

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Emma's Garden Watering Can Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

Watering household plants can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be an ugly one. If you're tired of seeing random cups or jugs lying around after the morning water, you'll love this decorative watering can. Brass links, colorful beads and playful garden-themed charms drape delicately from its top. You'll find it beautiful enough to act as an addition to your home décor while serving an actual purpose. This can is part of a garden set that includes Emma's Garden Planter Box and Emma's Garden Flower Pot.

Our watering can is made of matte brown plastic. You can buy a similar can from your local store or use one of your own, as long as you can drill holes through it.

Step one: We drilled three small holes about 3/4 of an inch below the top opening of the watering can. The first hole was drilled at the front of the can directly underneath the handle. The last two holes were drilled two inches apart, measuring an inch from either side of the back portion of the handle. If your can is shaped differently than ours, decide where you want to fasten the top portion of the chain and make your holes there.

Step two: Take the antique brass-plated twist link oval chain and wrap it around the can at the same level where you drilled your holes. Once you have determined how much twist link chain you need, use the semi-flush side cutters to cut the twist link chain to the right size.

Step three: Put the twist chain back into position and use chain nose pliers to connect both ends with a 4mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump ring. Shift the chain so that the jump ring is placed directly over the front hole.

Step four: Cut three two-inch segments of 22 gauge bronze wire. Bend each wire completely in half, using the round nose pliers to form a small circle at the center of the wire. You have just created your own metal fasteners. Thread the first fastener through the jump ring and the drilled hole. Both ends will go through the hole until only the small circle at the top of the fastener is showing. Placing your hand through the top hole, bend the fastener open so that its ends lie flat against the sides of the can. Fasten the links of the twist chain that are directly over the back holes in the same manner.

Step five: Create twelve dangles of varying lengths using leftover bits of the twist chain, pieces of antique brass-plated cable chain, brass wire and the following beads and charms: antique brass exotic leaf charm, 10mm 2-tone blue deep cut nuggets, 5x3.5mm wasabi roundelles, Czech glass white core teal flat barrels, Czech glass wasabi/crystal medium leaf, antique brass exotic flower link, antique brass buzzing bee charm, 5x3.5mm turquoise roundelles, 8mm turquoise Picasso deep cut nugget, Czech glass yellow-green tiger's eye flat barrels, 8mm olivine/white deep cut nuggets, 10mm Hawaiian colors deep cut nugget, 10mm emerald deep cut nugget, antique brass small butterfly charm, antique brass medium dragonfly charm, antique brass flower link and the antique brass oval sunshine charm. Use wrapped loops made from brass wire. Use 4mm and 6mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump ring jump rings where necessary. For help making a wrapped loop, see the Handy Tips in the Learning Center. To create heads for some of the attached beads, bend the tip of the wire around and squeeze it with pliers. You may need to curl the wire one more time like a coil before squeezing to make sure that the bead will not fall off.

Step six: Once you've finished your dangles, connect them to random links of the main twist chain using 6mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump rings.
Approximate size: Our can is 6½ inches including the handle.
Estimated time: 2 hours
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi flush (TOOL-131)
22 gauge bronze wire, 15 yards (WR22BRZ15)
List of Components:
Antique brass-plated cable chain (BBACH07, qty 1)
Antique brass exotic leaf charm (BBA-CH064, qty 1)
Antique brass-plated twist link oval chain (BBACH13, qty 1)
10mm 2-tone blue deep cut nugget (CR-NG043, qty 2)
5x3.5mm wasabi roundelle strand (CR-RL133, qty 1)
Czech glass flat barrel white core teal (CR-FB004, qty 2)
Czech glass medium leaf wasabi/crystal (CR-LF084, qty 2)
4mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump ring (BBA-OJR04-A, qty 4)
6mm antique brass-plated 21 gauge open jump ring (BBA-OJR06-A, qty 19)
Antique brass exotic flower link (BBA-LX26, qty 1)
Antique brass buzzing bee charm (BBA-CH059, qty 1)
5x3.5mm turquoise roundelle strand (CR-RL135, qty 1)
8mm turquoise Picasso deep cut nugget (CR-NG027, qty 1)
Czech glass flat barrel yellow-green tiger's eye (CR-FB013, qty 2)
8mm olivine/white deep cut nugget (CR-NG015, qty 2)
10mm Hawaiian colors deep cut nugget (CR-NG044, qty 1)
10mm emerald deep cut nugget (CR-NG035, qty 1)
Antique brass small butterfly charm (BBA-CH072, qty 1)
Antique brass medium dragonfly charm (BBA-CH069, qty 1)
Antique brass flower link (BBA-LX29, qty 1)
Antique brass oval sunshine charm (BBA-CH075, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Antique Brass-Plated 6x5mm, 22 Gauge Cable Chain by the Foot
Code: BBACH07
Link 6x5mm, 22 gauge 
$1.83 $1.38$1.69 $1.28$1.57 $1.19
Kabela Design Antique Brass Exotic Leaf Charm
Code: BBA-CH064
Height 19mm, Width 15mm 
$2.42 $1.73$2.24 $1.61$2.08 $1.49
4.5mm Antique Brass-Plated 21 Gauge Open Jump Ring
Code: BBA-OJR04-A
Diameter 4.5mm, 21gauge 
Sale Price: $0.05
Price: $0.06
5.5mm Antique Brass-Plated 21 Gauge Open Jump Ring
Code: BBA-OJR06-A
Diameter 5.5mm, 21 gauge 
Sale Price: $0.05
Price: $0.06
Czech Glass Bead Flat Barrel Yellow-Green Tiger's Eye
Code: CR-FB013
Length 8mm, Width 7.5mm 
Sale Price: $0.14
Price: $0.42
Kabela Design Antique Brass Medium Dragonfly Charm
Code: BBA-CH069
Height 23mm, Width 26mm 
$3.47 $1.93$3.23 $1.79$3.00 $1.66

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Sale Price: $6.43
Price: $7.57
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.50
Price: $7.57
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $9.67
Price: $11.26

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