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Embellished Tool Tote

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Embellished Tool Tote Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

Surprise the beader on your holiday list with a custom tool tote. These pretty totes are a great way to carry tools and supplies to bead class. Personalize it with a rhinestone monogram or design, or embellish it with beads and charms. You can include beading tools, beads, a gift certificate or more; whatever you decide, it will be a gift from the heart. Some notes before you start:
The tote is soft, so before you start laying out the rhinestones, put something inside of it to keep it firm while you work. The patterns we chose for this project were done freehand by laying the rhinestones on the fabric until we were happy with the placement and then attaching them with the Bejeweler. The stones will move around while you work, we found that if you start with the larger rhinestones or a prominent part of your design first and work outward, your design will be less apt to shift around. You may be more comfortable drawing your pattern ahead of time using a quilting pen or other disappearing ink. Test it first on an area that won't be seen to make sure it is compatible with your fabric.

Step one: Plug in the Bejeweler and allow it to heat up for at least 7 minutes. DO NOT touch the tip. It will be HOT. Lay out the rhinestones. Using the Bejeweler, attach the Swarovski hotfix to your tote. For help using the Bejeweler please see our Handy Tips section. Sew the 12mm rose ab Swarovski margarita bead and a 8/0 ceylon banana cream Toho bead onto the tote as you would a button. String the Margarita bead, the Toho and then run the needle back through the Margarita bead before tying off.

Step two: On the back of the tote we chose to do a monogram. As with the front, lay out the rhinestones until you are happy with the placement. Attach the Swarovski hotfix to the tote. Sew the Swarovski margarita beads to the tote as described above. Also check out our Silk Tool Totes Section for many more styles of tool totes that you can embellish.
Approximate size: 9x7 inches
Estimated time: Under three hours
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Tools Used:
Bejeweler pro ergonomic (BEJEWELER-P, qty. 1)
White Power Pro™ - 28 Yards, .006-inch (10lb test) (BF28WH06)
#10 short beading needles (NEED-09)
List of Components:
Blue swirl tool tote (TOOL-171, qty. 1)
3700 12mm Margarita bead rose ab (3700-ROSAB12, qty. 2)
3700 10mm Margarita bead rose ab (3700-ROSAB10, qty. 1)
3700 10mm Margarita bead fuchsia ab (3700-FUSAB10, qty 2)
3700 8mm Margarita bead fuchsia ab (3700-FUSAB8, qty. 1)
H2028 Hotfix flatbacks ss16 fuchsia (H2028-FU16, qty. 52)
H2028 Hotfix flatbacks ss12 jonquil ab (H2028-JONAB12, qty. 77)
H2028 Hotfix flatback ss12 sand opal (H2028-SOP12, qty. 39)
Toho bead round 8/0 Ceylon banana cream (TBRD8-142, qty.1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 3700 10mm Margarita Bead Fuchsia
Code: 3700-FUS10
Diameter 10mm, Total Height 3.5mm, Hole Size 18 gauge/1.02mm 
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Ceylon Pastel Yellow
Code: TBRD8-142
Size 8/0, 8g bag 

Alternate Components

Swarovski 3700 10mm Margarita Bead Sun
Code: 3700-SUN10
Diameter 10mm, Total Height 3.5mm, Hole Size 18 gauge/1.02mm 
Swarovski 3700 8mm Margarita Bead Sun AB
Code: 3700-SUNAB8
Diameter 8mm, Total Height 3mm, Hole Size 20 gauge/.812mm 
Swarovski H2038 SS16 Hotfix XILION Rose Flatback Crystal Volcano
Code: H2038-CVO16
Diameter 3.8-4mm, Total Height 1.5mm 
$0.15 $0.12$0.14 $0.11$0.12 $0.10
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Higher-Metallic Teal Green Iris
Code: TBRD8-507
Size 8/0, 8g bag 

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Blue Swirl Tool Tote
Code: TOOL-171
The BeadSmith 10 Short Beading Needles 20-Pack
Code: NEED-09
Length 1 inch, Size 10 
BeJeweler® Pro Ergonomic
Price: $28.95
The BeadSmith Power Pro (TM) - 28 Yards, .006-inch (10LB Test), White
Code: BF28WH06
Diameter .006 inches, 28 yards 
Price: $6.99

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