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Dublin Dreams Necklace

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Dublin Dreams Necklace Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

We love the creative way the different elements come together in this piece. Accentuated with the Celtic pendant this necklace has an eclectic, one of a kind feel.

Step one: Use 1-hour two-part epoxy following manufacturers instructions to attach the Swarovski 25mm jet disk pendant to the inside of a 1.75 inch radiant ring. Allow it to dry. Cut a three-inch piece of rollo chain and wrap it around the jet disk and radiant ring donut twice and secure the ends of the chain with a 3.3mm jump ring. Repeat on the opposite side of the donut. Attach a 9.0mm jump ring to each of the chain sections. Set aside.

Step two: On a 2-inch sterling silver eye pin thread the Hill Tribe silver flower stamped round bead frame and the Swarovski 10mm maroon pearl. Finish with a simple loop. For help making simple loops please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Attach two 9.0mm sterling silver jump rings to the 31mm planish patterned silver ring. Attach the loops on the flower frame to the 9.0mm jump rings inside the patterned silver ring. Set aside.

Step three: Attach two 7.35mm jump rings to the rhodium radiant round link. Set aside

Step four: Attach two 7.35mm jump rings to a rhodium 1.75 inch radiant ring. On a 2½-inch sterling silver head pin thread a Swarovski 12mm bordeaux pearl and the antique silver hummingbird bead. Finish with a wrapped loop. For help making wrapped loops please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Connect the wrapped loop to one of the jump rings on the radiant ring. Set aside.

Step five: Cut two ten link, one eight link, one five link and one three link sections of gunmetal-plated oval link chain.

Step six: Link the following together in this order: the loop section of the hammered round donut toggle clasp, a 9.0mm jump ring, a ten link section of oval link chain, the jet disc and radiant ring donut, the three ring chain section, the bead frame with maroon pearl center, the eight link chain section, the radiant round link, the five link chain section, the radiant ring with hummingbird and pearl, the other ten link chain section, a 9.0mm jump ring and the bar end of the toggle clasp.

Step seven: Attach a 4.2mm jump ring to a Swarovski 8mm dark indigo rivoli pendant. Repeat twice. Attach a 4.2mm jump ring to a Swarovski 6mm Indian pink rivoli pendant. Repeat once. Use the attached jump rings to alternate these crystals from the five loops on the sterling silver Celtic serpent knot 5-ring chandelier. Attach the 7.35mm jump ring to the Celtic chandelier and attach it to the center link on the necklace.
Approximate size: 28½ inches
Approximate cost: $127
Estimated time: One hour
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi flush (TOOL-131)
1-hour two-part epoxy, 28ml dual cartridges (EPOXY-1)
List of Components:
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5810 12mm pearl bordeaux (5810-BXP12, qty 1)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5810 10mm pearl maroon (5810-MAR10, qty 1)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 6039 25mm disk pendant jet (6039-JET25, qty 1)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 6428 8mm rivoli pendant dark indigo (6428-DKI8, qty 3)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 6428 6mm rivoli pendant indian pink (6428-INP6, qty 2)
070 long rollo chain (925CH16, qty 1)
Gunmetal-plated oval link chain (BGMCH19, qty 2)
Hill Tribe silver flower stamped round bead frame (HTS300, qty 1)
Hammered round donut toggle clasp (HTS369, qty 1)
Rhodium radiant round link (RB-3110, qty 1)
Rhodium 1.75 inch radiant ring (RB-3112, qty 2)
Antique silver hummingbird bead (SA-5518, qty 1)
Sterling silver Celtic serpent knot 5-ring chandelier (SS-CHAN30, qty 1)
2-inch eye pin 22 gauge (sterling silver) (SS-EP22, qty 1)
2½-inch head pin 22 gauge (sterling silver) (SS-HP2Y, qty 1)
Sterling silver open jump ring (0.65 x 3.30mm) (SS-OJR25-C, qty 2)
Sterling silver open jump ring (0.65 x 4.20mm) (SS-OJR25-F, qty 5)
Sterling silver open jump ring (0.90 x 7.35mm) (SS-OJR35-G, qty 7)
Sterling silver open jump ring (1.0 x 9.0mm) (SS-OJR40-F, qty 2)
31mm planish patterned silver ring (SS-RING10, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5810 12mm Round Crystal Pearl Bordeaux
Code: 5810-BXP12
Length 12mm, Width 12mm 
Swarovski 5810 10mm Round Crystal Pearl Maroon
Code: 5810-MAR10
Length 10mm, Width 10mm 
Swarovski 6039 25mm Disk Pendant Jet
Code: 6039-JET25
Diameter 4mm, Depth 25mm, Opening Diameter 9.5mm 
Swarovski 6428 8mm XILION Pendant Dark Indigo
Code: 6428-DKI8
Height 8mm, Width 8mm 
Swarovski 6428 6mm XILION Pendant Indian Pink
Code: 6428-INP6
Height 6mm, Width 6mm 
070 Long Rollo Chain by the Foot
Code: 925CH16
Link 2.5mm, 21 gauge 
Gunmetal-Plated Oval Link Handmade Chain by the Foot
Code: BGMCH19
Link 17x8mm - 18 gauge 
Hill Tribe Silver Flower Stamped Round Bead Frame
Code: HTS300
Length 21mm, Width 21mm 
Hill Tribe Silver Hammered Round Donut Toggle Clasp
Code: HTS369
Loop 32x27mm, Bar 35mm 
TierraCast Rhodium Radiant Round Link
Code: RB-3110
Length 22mm, Height 22mm 
TierraCast Rhodium 1.25-Inch Radiant Ring
Code: RB-3112
Height 32mm, Width 32mm 
TierraCast Silver Antique Hummingbird Bead
Code: SA-5518
Length 13mm, Width 18mm 
Sterling Silver Celtic Serpent Knot 5-Ring Chandelier
Code: SS-CHAN30
Height 35mm, Width 28mm 
2-inch Eye Pin, 22 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-EP22
Length 2 inches, 22 gauge 
2 1/2-inch Head Pin, 22 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-HP2Y
Length 2 1/2-inches, 22 Gauge 
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.025 x .130 inches (0.65 x 3.30mm)
Code: SS-OJR25-C
Diameter 3.3mm, 22 gauge 
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.025 x .165 inches (0.65 x 4.20mm)
Code: SS-OJR25-F
Diameter 4.2mm, 22 gauge 
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring - 0.035 x .290 inches (0.90 x 7.35mm)
Code: SS-OJR35-G
Diameter 7.3mm, 19 gauge 
Sterling Silver Open Jump Ring 0.04 x .35 (1. x 9.0mm)
Code: SS-OJR40-F
1.0 x 9.0mm 
31mm Planish Patterned Silver Ring
Code: SS-RING10

Purchase Tools & Supplies

1-Hour Two-Part Epoxy, 28ml Dual Cartridges
Code: EPOXY-1
Price: $5.62
Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Price: $7.14
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Price: $7.14
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Price: $10.74

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