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Tie A Beau

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Tie A Beau Instructions
Designed by Artbeads

Add a subtle blue accent to your wedding dress by wearing an elegant belt decorated sparingly with sparkling crystal components. With its layered bow design topped off with an iridescent crystal, this quick project is the perfect way to incorporate some color into your wedding ensemble.

Step one:
Measure your waist (or the waist of whoever will be wearing this belt) and cut a length of ribbon to match that length. Make sure to add three inches or so to accommodate for folds on the ends and any overlap. We used a wide Tiffany blue ribbon with a subtle gold luster.

Step two:
Fold the edges over on one end about an inch and stitch the bottom and top edges where the ends of the folded edge and the rest of the belt meet.

Step three:
On the other end of the belt, fold the edge over toward the front of the belt, about 1 1/2 inches. Fold the edge of that fold in and under itself about a half an inch or so and stitch the under-fold to the belt.

Step four:
Use a crystal applicator handheld tool to apply two Swarovski 11mm gold-plated flatback snap fasteners in Crystal AB to both ends of the belt, on the top and bottom of the folded edges. The decorative fasteners will be attached on top of the fold from step three. The snap studs should be facing the same direction as the flatback fasteners. For more information on how to attach these snap fasteners, please see our Handy Tip.

Step five:
Cut a length of ribbon about 30 inches long. Lay the right edge down in the center of your belt. Measure out more ribbon about four inches to the left of where you placed the edge in the last step, place your finger on top of the ribbon and fold the rest of the ribbon over your finger.

Step six:
Measure out more ribbon to the right of that fold, about 6 1/2 inches, place your finger there and fold over your finger again in the opposite direction. Measure about 2 1/2 inches to the left of this fold and stitch these layers to your belt.

Step seven:
From the stitch you just made, measure out ribbon about 4 inches to the left, place your finger and fold the ribbon over. Make sure this fold is half an inch shorter on both sides than the previous layer.

Step eight:
Keep folding the ribbon over in opposite directions, always making sure the next layer is half an inch shorter than the previous layer on both sides. Do this to create two more ribbon layers.

Step nine:
Create a small ribbon loop on top of these layers and in the center of your belt by folding the edge of the ribbon in and under itself. This loop should be about an inch wide.

Step ten:
Secure all of these ribbon layers by attaching the Swarovski 17mm gold-plated large flatback jeans button in Crystal AB to the center of the bow design. For help attaching a jeans button, please see our Handy Tip. Make sure this button goes through all of the layers of the bow by cutting a slit with a blade for the shank of the button to fit through.

Step eleven:
Finish by stitching the bottom layer of the bow to the belt, about 1 1/2 inches to the left of where you stitched the first layers in step six.
Approximate size: any size
Estimated time: 1 hour
Difficulty level: beginner
Tools and Supplies Used:

Crystal Applicator Handheld Tool (TOOL-0046, qty 1)
17mm Button Upper and Lower Die Set (TOOL-0049, qty 1)
Snap Die Set (2 Front Pieces/2 Back Pieces) (TOOL-0047, qty 1)
List of Components:
Swarovski 1790140 17mm Gold-Plated Large Flatback Jeans Button Crystal AB (1790G140-CAB17, qty 1)
Swarovski 1780100 11mm Gold-Plated Flatback Snap Fastener Crystal AB (1780G100-CAB11, qty 1)

Alternate Components:
These are fun alternatives to those listed above:
Swarovski 1790104 17mm Gold-Plated Multi-Stone Jeans Button Transparent/Crystal (1790TG104-CRY17)
Swarovski 1780114 11mm Gold-Plated Multi-Stone Snap Fastener Transparent/Crystal (1780TG114-CRY11)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 1790140 17mm Gold-Plated Large Flatback Jeans Button Crystal AB
Code: 1790G140-CAB17
Diameter 17mm, Total Height 4.5mm 
Sale Price: $2.96
Price: $4.23
Swarovski 1780100 11mm Gold-Plated Flatback Snap Fastener Crystal AB
Code: 1780G100-CAB11
Diameter 11.5mm, Total Height 2.5mm 
Sale Price: $2.28
Price: $3.27

Alternate Components

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Crystal Applicator Handheld Tool
Code: TOOL-0046
Price: $54.97
17mm Jeans Button Upper and Lower Die Set
Code: TOOL-0049
Sale Price: $20.99
Price: $29.99
Snap Die Set (2 Front Pieces/2 Back Pieces)
Code: TOOL-0047
Price: $38.97

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