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Crazy Daisy Pants

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Crazy Daisy Pants Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

These fun pants are sure to be a hit with the young woman in your life, and thanks to their multicolored pattern, she'll be able to wear them with all of her favorite shirts. We used oil cloth to create these fun flowers, giving them their bright color and making them resistant to fraying.

As with all beaded materials we do not recommend machine washing these pants. Instead, carefully hand wash or dry clean them.

Step One: Use a die cut or create a stencil to create the flower shapes. You will need 14 small flowers and 14 larger flowers in whatever colors you choose to create this bi-tonal look. Cut the flowers out of your oil cloth. Coat one side of each flower in Magic Glos™. Let dry under the UV Lamp. Coat the other side of each flower in Magic Glos™ and let dry under the UV lamp. This process will allow you to hand wash the pants without ruining the flowers.

Step Two: To determine placement, arrange the flowers in the way you would like them on your pants. We placed three flowers on the front of each leg and four on the back of each leg. If you want to create a straight line and mark out the spacing, it may be helpful to place a low tack masking tape along the top edge of the flowers and mark the spacing on the tape.

Step Three: Create the stem of the flower by sewing a line of 8/0 Toho bead rounds in nickel onto the pant starting at the hem, and continuing for as long as you deem necessary. To create the petals of the flower layer a large flower die cut, a small flower die cut, a 9mm antique silver large hole spacer and a 4mm seamless sterling silver round. Make sure you cover a few of the top Toho beads so as not to create a blank space. Sew these onto the pants in the same manner you would sew on a button. Sew the TierraCast™ antique silver spiral bead to one side of the stem to create the look of a leaf. Repeat this step to create the rest of the flowers on the pants.
Estimated time: 1 ½ hours
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools used:
Silamide 40-yard card white (SIL-WHT, qty 1)
Magic-Glos-1 fl.oz. (MAGIC-GLOS, qty 1)
UV lamp (LAMP01, qty 1)
Large loop scissors (TOOL-123)
#11 short beading needles 12-pack (NEED-10)
List of Components:
TierraCast antique silver spiral bead (SA-5544, qty 14)
TOHO bead round 8/0 nickel (TBRD8-711, qty 1)
4mm seamless sterling silver round bead (1.5mm hole) (SS-RND4, qty 14)
Antique silver 9mm large hole spacer (SA-5690, qty 14)

Alternate Components:
These are fun alternatives to those listed above:
Antique silver heart bead (SA-5545)
Antique silver fancy spiral bead (SA-5565)
TOHO bead round 8/0 metallic moss iris (TBRD8-84)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

TierraCast Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Spiral Bead
Code: SA-5544
Length 7.5mm, Width 8mm 
$0.90 $0.72$0.84 $0.68$0.79 $0.63
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Nickel
Code: TBRD8-711
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$3.16 $2.62$2.98 $2.47$2.81 $2.33
Sterling Silver 4mm Seamless Round Bead (1.5mm Hole)
Code: SS-RND4
Length 4mm, Hole 1.5mm 
$0.41 $0.34$0.38 $0.31$0.35 $0.29
TierraCast Antique Silver-Plated Pewter 9mm Large Hole Spacer
Code: SA-5690
Length 2mm, Width 9mm 
$0.90 $0.65$0.84 $0.61$0.79 $0.57

Alternate Components

TierraCast Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Heart Bead
Code: SA-5545
Length 8mm, Width 8mm 
$0.99 $0.81$0.93 $0.76$0.87 $0.71
TierraCast Antique Silver-Plated Pewter Fancy Spiral Bead
Code: SA-5565
Length 12mm, Width 9mm 
$1.12 $0.86$1.05 $0.80$0.98 $0.75
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Metallic Moss Iris
Code: TBRD8-84
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.25 $0.86$1.18 $0.81$1.10 $0.75

Purchase Tools & Supplies

The Beadsmith Silamide 40-Yard Card White
Silamide A, Approx. 40 yards 
Sale Price: $1.13
Price: $1.49
Magic-Glos - 1 fl.oz.
1 fl. oz. 
Sale Price: $10.42
Price: $11.98
UV Lamp
Code: LAMP01
Sale Price: $30.97
Price: $36.44
Large Loop Scissors
Code: TOOL-123
Length 4-inches 
Sale Price: $4.67
Price: $5.50
The Beadsmith 11 Short Beading Needles 12-Pack
Code: NEED-10
Length 1 inch, Size 11 
$2.49 $2.06$2.34 $1.94$2.21 $1.83

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