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Cozumel Sandals

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Cozumel Sandals Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

This barefoot sandal is the perfect accessory for your favorite sun dress or your next trip to the beach. Its bold blue colors are the ideal counterpart to sandy beaches and crashing waves.

Please note that the measurements for this piece are approximate. You'll have to adjust the length of the piece to match both the length of your own foot and the width of your ankle.

Step One: Cut approximately three feet of 0.7mm elonga multi-strand stretch cord. Use a big eye beading needle to string an approximately 2-inch section of Toho bead rounds in marbled hematite ab in the center of the three foot length of cord. Make sure that your section of seed bead is long enough to fit around your toe.

Step Two: On one side of the seed bead section string two 5mm Swarovski round pearls in Tahitian-look, a 6mm Swarovski bicone in montana, an 8mm Swarovski faceted round in montana, a bicone, three pearls, a bicone, 8mm round, a bicone, three pearls, a bicone, 8mm round, bicone, two pearls and a seed bead. Repeat on the other side.

Step Three: String one side of the cord through the 16mm Swarovski rivoli in montana. Double knot one end of the cord, being careful not to pull too tight and break the cord. String the other side of the cord through the rivoli and double knot again.

Step Four: On one of the cords, string a seed bead and two pearls. String a bicone, 8mm round, bicone and three pearls. Repeat once. Add a bicone, 8mm round, bicone, two pearls, a bicone and an 8mm round. This is the center back. Reverse the pattern to work toward the rivoli. Tie a knot, thread through the rivoli and tie another knot. Use a small amount of your favorite glue on all the knots to keep them in place.

Step Five: Repeat steps one through four to create a second sandal.
Approximate size: size 7-8
Estimated time: 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools used:
Elonga multi-strand stretch cord-0.7mm (ELONG-07, qty 1)
Assorted sizes big eye beading needles 6-pack (NEED-15)
Large loop scissors (TOOL-123)
List of Components:
CRYSTALLIZED™ 3015 16mm rivoli button montana sapphire (3015-MON16, qty 2)
CRYSTALLIZED™ 5000 8mm faceted round montana ab (5000-MONAB8, qty 26)
CRYSTALLIZED™ 5328 6mm XILION bicone montana sapphire (5328-MON6, qty 52)
CRYSTALLIZED™ 5810 5mm round pearl tahitian-look (5810-TAHI5, qty 80)
TOHO™ bead round 11/0 marbled hematite ab (TBRD11-Y541, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5328 6mm XILION Bicone Montana Sapphire
Code: 5328-MON6
Length 6mm, Diameter 6mm, Hole Size .812mm/20 gauge 
$0.27 $0.20$0.25 $0.18$0.24 $0.18
Swarovski 5810 5mm Round Crystal Pearl Tahitian-Look
Code: 5810-TAHI5
Length 5mm, Width 5mm 

Alternate Components

Swarovski 5328 6mm XILION Bicone Peridot
Code: 5328-PER6
Length 6mm, Diameter 6mm, Hole Size .812mm/20 gauge 
$0.27 $0.20$0.25 $0.18$0.24 $0.18
Swarovski 5000 8mm Faceted Round Peridot
Code: 5000-PER8
Diameter 8mm, Hole Size 16 gauge/1.29mm 
$0.73 $0.54$0.68 $0.51$0.64 $0.48

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Beadalon Elonga Multi-Strand Stretch Cord - 0.7mm
Code: ELONG-07
Diameter .7mm 
Sale Price: $1.57
Price: $2.05
The Beadsmith Assorted Sizes Big Eye Beading Needles 6-Pack
Code: NEED-15
Length 2-5 inches 
$3.63 $3.15$3.44 $2.99$3.25 $2.82
Large Loop Scissors
Code: TOOL-123
Length 4-inches 
Sale Price: $4.67
Price: $5.50

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