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Chocolate and Caramel Shamballa Bracelet

Designed by Teri McCamish

After featuring this bracelet on our Chocolate Cake Day blog post a while back, there has been a huge request for the instructions for this beautiful bracelet. Perfect as a last-minute Valentine's Day gift or for any other day of the year, you can create delightful romance when you wear this simple yet stylish piece. All you will need for this jewelry idea are five 12mm chocolate glaze smoked topaz Beadelle round pavé beads and approximately 5.5 feet of satin cord in the color Coffee.
Cut the satin cord into one strand of 4.5 feet and fold it in half. Cut another strand of cord that is approximately 20 inches long and place it between the two folded strands. You should now have three strands running parallel. Wrap a small piece of tape around the ends of the center silk strand to make it easier to thread your beads through later. You may also find it easier to tape the folded piece and the top of the 20-inch strand to a work surface while knotting.Move the right side of the cord over the center strand. Now take the left side of the cord over the tail of the right side of the cord, then under the right side cord and the center strand and then up through the loop you just created. This is a right half knot. Pull the knot tight around the center cord.Now, go the opposite direction. Move the left side of the cord over the center strand. Now take the right side of the cord over the tail of the left side cord, then under the left side cord and the center strand and then up through the loop you just created. This is a left half knot.
Alternating right and left, make four more half knots for a total of six half knots.Add a bead to the 20 inch strand.Still alternating, make a seventh half knot (left half knot) around the bead.
Then another (right half knot).Continue alternating for a total of six half knots. Add another bead, knot around it and so on until you have used all 5 beads, then finish with a series of six half knots.Take the two working ends of cord and tie them together in a knot on the back side of your design. Add a small dab of GS Hypo Fabric Glue to secure the knot. Allow to dry.
Trim the tails of the cord, so that only the center strand remains on each end of the bracelet. Keep one of these tails to use for the sliding knot closure. Tie a knot in each end of the remaining bracelet cords.To make the sliding knot closure, cross the bracelet ends over one another to create two new parallel strands. Use the tail piece that you trimmed away in step ten and place it under the two overlapped ends of the bracelet and make a left half knot around the bracelet cords.Make a series of half knots in the same manner as you did for the bracelet, until you are satisfied with the length. This piece will act as the slider on the bracelet, so check the overall length. You will want the bracelet to slide over the wrist and then cinch snugly. Tie the ends together on the back of the closure with a knot. Place a dab of adhesive to the knot to secure it. Allow to dry. Simply pull the bracelet ends to open and close the sliding knot closure.
If you're in the mood for a more colorful idea, replace the chocolate glaze pavé beads with a rainbow collection of other 12mm Beadelle pavé rounds, and try working with 2mm satin cord in the color Plum. Mix and match for new ideas for every day of the year!

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