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Bubbles Instructions
Designed by Artbeads

This playful necklace is simple to make and versatile and elegant to wear. Originally designed for our young bride, we tried it with jeans and a white blouse and found it looked just as stunning!

Step one: Cut a length of Beadalon® .19 silver-plated jewelry wire to approximately 60 inches. Put one end of the wire in a Bead Stopper with a three inch tail protruding from the back.

Step two: About one inch from the Bead Stopper, crimp a 2x2mm sterling silver crimp tube. For instructions on how to use a crimp tube, please visit the Handy Tips section of our Learning Center. Follow the crimp tube with 7mm Swarovski light grey pearl. Push another crimp tube snug against the pearl and crimp it as well. You will continue to add beads in this manner with crimps on either side of them.

Step three: Leave 2½ inches of wire exposed then add a 12mm Swarovski dark purple pearl, 2½ inches and a 10mm light blue pearl, 2 inches, a 7mm light grey pearl, three inches of wire and a 12mm dark purple pearl, 1½ inches and a 7mm light silver pearl, 1½ inch, another light grey pearl, another 1½ inches of wire and light grey pearl, two inches and a light blue pearl, two inches of wire and then add three more light grey pearls with an inch and a quarter between each one. Leave about an inch and a half of wire and add another crimp tube followed by a 10mm sterling satin bead with April crystals and another crimp tube. Cover both of these crimp tubes with sterling silver crimp tube covers.

Step four: You have now reached the center of your design. Reverse the pattern as you work toward the other end of your necklace.

Step five: When you have completed the design, leave an inch of wire, then string a crimp tube (do not crimp it) a 12mm sterling satin bead with April crystals, and another crimp tube. Take the original end of wire out of the Bead Stopper and string it through these three beads in the opposite direction so that both wires go through both crimps and cross one another.

Step six: Center your beads on the strands and crimp both crimp tubes. Cover with crimp covers and trim the remaining wire.
Approximate size: 54 inches
Estimated time: Under 1 ½ hours
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Bead Stopper (BEADSTPR)
Beadalon® 19 .024 silver plated jewelry wire (B19SP-15F-024)
List of Components:
7mm Swarovski pearl light grey (5810-LTGRY7, qty 16)
10mm Swarovski pearl light blue (5810-BLULT10, qty 4)
12mm Swarovski pearl dark purple (5810-DPUR12, qty 4)
12mm sterling satin bead with April crystals (CR12-APR, qty 1)
10mm sterling satin bead with April crystals (CR10-APR, qty 1)
2x2mm sterling silver crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 49)
3mm sterling silver crimp cover (SS-CCOV01, qty 4)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Swarovski 5810 10mm Round Crystal Pearl Light Blue
Code: 5810-BLULT10
Length 10mm, Width 10mm 
$0.41 $0.30$0.38 $0.28$0.36 $0.27
Swarovski 5810 12mm Round Crystal Pearl Dark Purple
Code: 5810-DPUR12
Length 12mm, Width 12mm 
Price: $0.76
Price: $0.00
Sterling Silver 2 x 2mm Crimp Tube
Code: SS-CRM2
Length 2mm, Width 2mm 
$0.16 $0.14$0.15 $0.13$0.14 $0.12
Sterling Silver 3mm Crimp Cover
Code: SS-CCOV01
Length 3mm 
$0.26 $0.22$0.24 $0.20$0.22 $0.18

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Nipper Tool
Code: TOOL-101
Sale Price: $7.50
Price: $8.63
Bead Crimper Tool
Code: TOOL-100
Length 5 1/8-Inch 
Sale Price: $12.03
Price: $13.99
Bead Stopper - 6-Piece Pack
$4.46 $3.65$4.22 $3.46$3.99 $3.27
Beadalon 19 .024 15FT - Silver-Plated
Code: B19SP-15F-024
Diameter .024 inches, Length 15 feet 
Sale Price: $10.68
Price: $12.01

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