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Bridal Bouquet Bracelet

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Bridal Bouquet Bracelet Instructions
Designed by Cynthia Kimura

Bridal bouquets are a large part of the ceremony, yet they are gone before the day is done. You can keep a piece of the bouquet with you forever with this bridal bouquet bracelet. Just wrap it around the bouquet, secure with decorative hat pins, and when the ceremony is over, slip it off and onto your wrist for a reminder of the big day! This makes an excellent surprise gift for your bridesmaids as well. Our designer chose peach and erinite colors to complement her bouquet, of course you will use whatever colors best match your flowers.

Step one: Attach a sterling silver oval jump ring to a sterling silver "Crazy 4 You" candy heart charm. Before closing the jump ring, add approximately 9 links (1.5 inches) of drawn cable chain to the ring. Close the jump ring. This chain is to add length to fit around the bouquet. It will create an adjustable length bracelet when you are done.

Step two: On the other end of the chain, attach another oval jump ring and link to a 1-inch eye pin. Slide a 4mm daisy spacer, a 5mm Swarovski peach pearl and another daisy spacer on the eye pin, close with a simple loop. Attach another jump ring and follow with an eye pin with a 6mm cream pearl, jump ring, eye pin with daisy spacers surrounding a 5mm Swarovski erinite bicone, jump ring and finally an eye pin with a 6mm cream pearl. Repeat this pattern one and a half times, ending with the erinite bicone.

Step three: Using an oval jump ring, attach a 10mm round trigger clasp to the end of the bracelet.

Step four: Again, with oval jump rings, attach the sterling silver heart charms starting in the center of your design, to one of the open jump rings. Moving out from the center, skip a space, then attach the other charms on either side.

Step five: On the other open jump rings, you will add head pins with the daisy spacer, peach pearl, spacer pattern or the spacer erinite bicone, spacer pattern. Finish with simple loops.

Step six: To attach the bracelet to the bouquet, simply string it loosely around the arrangement and place decorative hat pins (found at your local fabric or craft store) through the loops of chain and into the bouquet.
Approximate size: 9½ inches

Tools Used:
Lindstrom Supreme Cutter Side Micro-Beveled (TOOL-600)
Ergonomic chain nose pliers (TOOL-125)
Ergonomic round nose pliers (TOOL-127)
List of Components:
Sterling silver puffed heart charm (CHARM337, qty 1)
Sterling silver arrow in heart charm (CHARM401, qty 1)
Sterling silver heart with flower charm (CHARM197, qty 1)
Sterling silver "Crazy 4 You" candy heart charm (CHARM606, qty 1)
5mm Swarovski faceted bicone erinite (5301-ERIN5, qty 5)
5mm Swarovski pearl peach (5810-PEACH5, qty 5)
6mm Swarovski pearl cream (5810-CRM6, qty 5)
4mm daisy spacer (INDSY40A, qty 20)
10mm round trigger clasp (SS-CL27, qty 1)
Sterling silver oval jump ring (SS-OJR-OV3, qty 13)
1 ½ inch head pin, 24 gauge (SS-HP4X, qty 4)
1-inch eye pin, 24 gauge (SS-EP41, qty 11)
Drawn cable chain (925CH29, qty 1ft)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Sterling Silver Puffed Heart Charm
Code: CHARM337
Height 16mm, Width 13.5mm 
$12.48 $10.45$11.85 $9.92$11.25 $9.42
Price: $0.00
Swarovski 5810 5mm Round Crystal Pearl Peach
Code: 5810-PEACH5
Length 5mm, Width 5mm 
$0.13 $0.11$0.12 $0.10$0.11 $0.09
Swarovski 5810 6mm Round Crystal Pearl Cream
Code: 5810-CRM6
Length 6mm, Width 6mm 
$0.14 $0.12$0.13 $0.11$0.12 $0.10
Indian Silver 4mm Daisy Spacer
Code: INDSY40A
Sale Price: $0.25
Price: $0.29
10mm Sterling Silver Round Trigger Clasp
Code: SS-CL27
Length 10mm 
$2.33 $2.02$2.20 $1.90$2.07 $1.79
Sterling Silver Oval Open Jump Ring 3.6 x 5.5mm, 20 gauge
Code: SS-OJR-OV3
.142x.217 (3.6x5.5mm), 20 gauge 
$0.32 $0.28$0.29 $0.25$0.27 $0.23
1 1/2-inch Head Pin, 24 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-HP4X
Length 1 1/2 inches, 24 Gauge 
$0.25 $0.22$0.22 $0.19$0.19 $0.16
1-inch Eye Pin, 24 Gauge (Sterling Silver)
Code: SS-EP41
Length 1 inch, 24 gauge 
$0.19 $0.16$0.16 $0.14$0.13 $0.11
2207 Sterling Silver Drawn Cable by the Foot
Code: 925CH29
Link 3.5x5mm, 24 gauge 
$11.28 $9.83$10.71 $9.34$10.17 $8.87

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Lindstrom Supreme Cutter Micro-Beveled Edge
Code: TOOL-600
Sale Price: $50.15
Price: $55.99
Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-125
6 inches 
Sale Price: $7.11
Price: $7.99
Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-127
6 inches 
Sale Price: $7.07
Price: $7.99

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