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A Jolly Halloween Plaque

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A Jolly Halloween Plaque Instructions
Designed by Cheri Carlson

Let our charming Halloween plaque cast a spell on you this autumn. We found this darling image of a witch at our local craft store and combined it with other festive papers, our antique brass filigree pieces and, of course, beads and rhinestones. We used a piece of balsa wood for the base.

Step one: Cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap around the edges to the back of the balsa wood. We used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the balsa wood. You can use any kind of craft glue or adhesive for this.

Step two: Use original artwork, photographs, images, die-cuts or anything else you'd like. Cut them to fit, and attach them with adhesive to the plaque.

Step three: We cut leaves from our background paper to use as details. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to both sides and let dry. Cut a piece of 22 gauge bronze wire for the stem. Apply a second coat to the top of the leaf, and attach the piece of wire. Let dry. Apply a third coat of Mod Podge to the surface including the wire. Let dry. Use a pair of round nose pliers to start the curl of the stem, manipulating it with your fingers if necessary. Attach the leaves to the plaque.

Step four: Bend the antique brass wrap filigree in half. You can start the fold over the edge of a table or counter top. On a 3-inch piece of bronze wire use a pair of chain nose pliers to fold over approximately 1 1/6th of the end. Pinch it with the pliers to flatten it a bit. This forms a stop for the beads. Add a round 6/0 gold-lustered opal rose gold Toho bead. Thread the wire through the center hole of the folded filigree so that the Toho is inside of the fold. Add a matte jet 8mm glass druk bead, a triangle 8/0 silver-lined smoky topaz Toho bead, the small round light orange stoneware bead and a round 8/0 matte black Toho bead. Finish by attaching this to the antique brass man in the moon pendant with a wrapped loop. For help with wrapped loops please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Wrap the folded filigree piece over the plaque and tack with adhesive on the back.

Step five: Use adhesive to attach the antique brass circles link to the plaque.

Step six: Use a Hot Fix applicator to attach Swarovski hotfix flatback ss12 sun rhinestones to the border and SS8 light topaz to the eyes of the jack-o-lantern.

Step seven: Punch or drill holes in the plaque. Wrap one end of a 12-inch piece of bronze wire to one of the holes. Thread a random pattern of the following beads onto the wire to a length of 7-inches; antique brass filigree beads, light orange stoneware square spacers, 5mm square tangerine glazed porcelain beads, 5mm square gold glazed porcelain beads, 8mm matte jet glass druks, round 6/0 gold-lustered opal rose gold Tohos, round 8/0 silver-lined medium orange Tohos, triangle 8/0 silver-lined smoky topaz Tohos and round 8/0 matte black Tohos. Wrap the end of the wire to the other hole on the plaque. Trim the excess wire.
Approximate size: 6x12 inches including handle and dangle.
Estimated time: An afternoon
Difficulty level: Beginner

Tools Used:
Round nose pliers (TOOL-108)
Chain nose pliers (TOOL-106)
Side cutters - semi flush (TOOL-131)
Nylon jaw pliers (TOOL-105)
Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator (TOOL-0194)
22 gauge bronze wire, 15 yards (WR22BRZ15)
List of Components:
Antique brass filigree bead (BBA-BD04, qty 2)
Antique brass circles link (BBA-LX22, qty 1)
Antique brass wrap filigree (BBA-LX41, qty 1)
Antique brass man in the moon pendant (BBA-PEND10, qty 1)
Swarovski H2028 hotfix flatback ss12 sun (H2028-SUN12, qty 21)
Swarovski H2028 hotfix flatback SS8 light topaz (H2028-TOLT8, qty 2)
Stoneware square spacer - light orange (SW-BD156, qty 2)
Stoneware small round - light orange (SW-BD198, qty 1)
5mm square glazed porcelain bead - tangerine (CRD-BD033, qty 3)
5mm square glazed porcelain bead - gold (CRD-BD042, qty 2)
Glass druk bead matte jet 8mm (25 pack) (DRUK-MTJET8, qty 1)
Toho bead round 6/0 gold-lustered opal rose gold (TBRD6-Y134, qty 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 silver-lined medium orange (TBRD8-30B, qty 1)
Toho bead triangle 8/0 silver-lined smoky topaz 8g bag (TBTR8-34, qty 1)
Toho bead round 8/0 matte black (TBRD8-610, qty 1)

Purchase Idea Kit Components

Kabela Design Antique Brass Filigree Bead
Code: BBA-BD04
Length 10mm, Width 10mm 
$2.45 $2.08$2.31 $1.96$2.18 $1.85
Clay River Designs 5mm Square Glazed Stoneware Bead - Tangerine
Code: CRD-BD033
Length 5mm 
$0.48 $0.39$0.45 $0.36$0.42 $0.34
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Silver-Lined Medium Orange
Code: TBRD8-30B
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.38 $0.96$1.29 $0.90$1.21 $0.84
TOHO Bead Round 8/0 Matte Black
Code: TBRD8-610
Size 8/0, 8g bag 
$1.19 $0.98$1.11 $0.92$1.04 $0.86

Purchase Tools & Supplies

Round Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-108
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Chain Nose Pliers
Code: TOOL-106
Sale Price: $6.67
Price: $7.67
Side Cutters - Semi Flush
Code: TOOL-131
Sale Price: $10.05
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Nylon Jaw Pliers
Code: TOOL-105
Sale Price: $16.40
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Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator
Code: TOOL-0194
Sale Price: $14.39
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